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type Runner

type Runner func(context.Context)

Runner is something that can be run such as a series of controllers. Blocks until context is canceled.

type RunnerBuilder

type RunnerBuilder func(context.Context) (Runner, error)

RunnerBuilder is a function that can be used to construct a Runner. It is expected to be called in the main go routine since the construction can fail.

func Prepare

func Prepare(controllers Runner, controllersWrapper RunnerWrapper, informers ...informer) RunnerBuilder

Prepare returns RunnerBuilder that, when called:

1. Starts all provided informers and waits for them sync (and fails if they hang)
2. Returns a Runner that combines the Runner and RunnerWrapper passed into Prepare

type RunnerWrapper

type RunnerWrapper func(context.Context, Runner)

RunnerWrapper takes a Runner and wraps its execution with other logic. Blocks until context is canceled. RunnerWrapper is responsible for the lifetime of the passed in Runner.

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