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const (
	SecretLabelKey = ""

	SecretLifetimeAnnotationKey        = ""
	SecretLifetimeAnnotationDateFormat = time.RFC3339

	ErrSecretTypeMismatch    = constable.Error("secret storage data has incorrect type")
	ErrSecretLabelMismatch   = constable.Error("secret storage data has incorrect label")
	ErrSecretVersionMismatch = constable.Error("secret storage data has incorrect version")


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func FromSecret added in v0.13.0

func FromSecret(resource string, secret *corev1.Secret, data JSON) error

FromSecret is similar to Get, but for when you already have a Secret in hand, e.g. from an informer. It validates and unmarshals the Secret. The data parameter is filled in as the result.


type JSON

type JSON interface{} // document that we need valid JSON types

type Storage

type Storage interface {
	Create(ctx context.Context, signature string, data JSON, additionalLabels map[string]string) (resourceVersion string, err error)
	Get(ctx context.Context, signature string, data JSON) (resourceVersion string, err error)
	Update(ctx context.Context, signature, resourceVersion string, data JSON) (newResourceVersion string, err error)
	Delete(ctx context.Context, signature string) error
	DeleteByLabel(ctx context.Context, labelName string, labelValue string) error

func New

func New(resource string, secrets corev1client.SecretInterface, clock func() time.Time, lifetime time.Duration) Storage

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