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Package clientregistry defines Pinniped's OAuth2/OIDC clients.



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type Client

type Client struct {

Client represents a Pinniped OAuth/OIDC client.

func PinnipedCLI

func PinnipedCLI() *Client

PinnipedCLI returns the static Client corresponding to the Pinniped CLI.

func (Client) GetResponseModes

func (c Client) GetResponseModes() []fosite.ResponseModeType

type StaticClientManager

type StaticClientManager struct{}

StaticClientManager is a fosite.ClientManager with statically-defined clients.

func (StaticClientManager) ClientAssertionJWTValid

func (StaticClientManager) ClientAssertionJWTValid(ctx context.Context, jti string) error

ClientAssertionJWTValid returns an error if the JTI is known or the DB check failed and nil if the JTI is not known.

This functionality is not supported by the StaticClientManager.

func (StaticClientManager) GetClient

GetClient returns a static client specified by the given ID.

It returns a fosite.ErrNotFound if an unknown client is specified.

func (StaticClientManager) SetClientAssertionJWT

func (StaticClientManager) SetClientAssertionJWT(ctx context.Context, jti string, exp time.Time) error

SetClientAssertionJWT marks a JTI as known for the given expiry time. Before inserting the new JTI, it will clean up any existing JTIs that have expired as those tokens can not be replayed due to the expiry.

This functionality is not supported by the StaticClientManager.

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