Package browsertest provides integration test helpers for our browser-based tests.



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    func LoginToUpstream

    func LoginToUpstream(t *testing.T, page *agouti.Page, upstream library.TestOIDCUpstream)

      LoginToUpstream expects the page to be redirected to one of several known upstream IDPs. It knows how to enter the test username/password and submit the upstream login form.

      func Open

      func Open(t *testing.T) *agouti.Page

        Open a webdriver-driven browser and returns an *agouti.Page to control it. The browser will be automatically closed at the end of the current test. It is configured for test purposes with the correct HTTP proxy and in a mode that ignore certificate errors.

        func WaitForURL

        func WaitForURL(t *testing.T, page *agouti.Page, pat *regexp.Regexp)

          WaitForURL expects the page to eventually navigate to a URL matching the specified pattern. It waits for this to occur and times out, failing the test, if it never does.

          func WaitForVisibleElements

          func WaitForVisibleElements(t *testing.T, page *agouti.Page, selectors ...string)

            WaitForVisibleElements expects the page to contain all the the elements specified by the selectors. It waits for this to occur and times out, failing the test, if they never appear.


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