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Package qid provides the qid type and supporting functionality.



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type Qid

type Qid struct {
	Type    Type
	Version uint32
	Path    uint64

Qid represents the server's unique identification for a file.

Two files on the same server hierarchy are the same if and only if their Qids are the same. (The client may have multiple Fids pointing to a single file on a server and hence having a single Qid.) The Qid fields hold a type, specifying whether the file is a directory, append-only file, etc., the Qid Version and the Qid Path. The Path is an integer unique among all files in the hierarchy. If a file is deleted and recreated with the same name in the same directory, the old and new path components of the Qids should be different. The Version is a version number for a file; typically, it is incremented every time the file is modified.

func FileInfo

func FileInfo(fi os.FileInfo) Qid

FileInfo creates a neinp.Qid from os.FileInfo, using Sys of FileInfo if possible.

func Generic

func Generic(fi os.FileInfo) Qid

Generic creates a neinp.Qid not using FileInfo.Sys().

func (*Qid) Decode

func (q *Qid) Decode(r io.Reader) (int64, error)

Decode reads the Qid data from an io.Reader.

func (*Qid) Encode

func (q *Qid) Encode(w io.Writer) (int64, error)

Encode writes the 9p representation of the qid to an io.Writer.

type Type

type Type uint8

Type represents the type this qid symbolizes.

const (
	// TypeFile is a plain file
	TypeFile Type = 0x00

	// TypeSymlink is a symbolic link
	TypeSymlink Type = 0x02

	// TypeTmp is a non-backed-up file
	TypeTmp Type = 0x04

	// TypeAuth is an authentication file
	TypeAuth Type = 0x08

	// TypeMount is a mounted channel
	TypeMount Type = 0x10

	// TypeExcl is a exclusive use file
	TypeExcl Type = 0x20

	// TypeAppend is a append only file
	TypeAppend Type = 0x40

	// TypeDir is a directory
	TypeDir Type = 0x80

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