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v0.0.0 (e8819e8)
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Published: 2 days ago | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module: go.starlark.net
Path Synopsis
cmd/starlark The starlark command interprets a Starlark file.
internal/chunkedfile Package chunkedfile provides utilities for testing that source code errors are reported in the appropriate places.
internal/compile Package compile defines the Starlark bytecode compiler.
internal/spell Package spell file defines a simple spelling checker for use in attribute errors such as "no such field .foo; did you mean .food?".
repl Package repl provides a read/eval/print loop for Starlark.
resolve Package resolve defines a name-resolution pass for Starlark abstract syntax trees.
starlark Package starlark provides a Starlark interpreter.
starlarkstruct Package starlarkstruct defines the Starlark types 'struct' and 'module', both optional language extensions.
starlarktest Package starlarktest defines utilities for testing Starlark programs.
syntax Package syntax provides a Starlark parser and abstract syntax tree.