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func Cookies

func Cookies(block, hash []byte) echo.MiddlewareFunc

    Cookies is a middleware function that makes the handlers capable of handling cookies via methods of this package.


    type Cookie struct {
    	// Name is the name of the cookie.
    	Name string
    	// Path is path of the cookie.
    	Path string
    	// MaxAge is the max age of the cookie.
    	MaxAge time.Duration
    	// HTTPOnly restricts the cookie to HTTP (no javascript access).
    	HTTPOnly bool

      Cookie is a description of a cookie used for consistent cookie setting and deleting.

      func (*Cookie) Exists

      func (d *Cookie) Exists(c echo.Context) bool

        Exists checks if the cookies exists.

        func (*Cookie) Get

        func (d *Cookie) Get(c echo.Context, v interface{}) (bool, error)

          Get decodes the cookie into the value. Returns false if the cookie is not there.

          func (*Cookie) Remove

          func (d *Cookie) Remove(c echo.Context)

            Remove the cookie with the specified name (if it exists).

            func (*Cookie) Set

            func (d *Cookie) Set(c echo.Context, v interface{}) error

              Set the value of the cookie.

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