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Published: Jul 28, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


Package testsuite contains unit testing framework for Cadence workflows and activities.



var ErrMockStartChildWorkflowFailed = internal.ErrMockStartChildWorkflowFailed

ErrMockStartChildWorkflowFailed is special error used to indicate the mocked child workflow should fail to start.

type MockCallWrapper

type MockCallWrapper = internal.MockCallWrapper

MockCallWrapper is a wrapper to mock.Call. It offers the ability to wait on workflow's clock instead of wall clock.

type TestActivityEnvironment

type TestActivityEnvironment = internal.TestActivityEnvironment

TestActivityEnvironment is the environment that you use to test activity

type TestWorkflowEnvironment

type TestWorkflowEnvironment = internal.TestWorkflowEnvironment

TestWorkflowEnvironment is the environment that you use to test workflow

type WorkflowTestSuite

type WorkflowTestSuite = internal.WorkflowTestSuite

WorkflowTestSuite is the test suite to run unit tests for workflow/activity.

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