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type Logger

type Logger struct {

    A Logger writes output to standard error.

    func New

    func New() *Logger

      New returns a new Logger backed by the standard library's log package.

      func (*Logger) Fatalf

      func (l *Logger) Fatalf(format string, v ...interface{})

        Fatalf logs an Fx line then fatals.

        func (*Logger) Panic

        func (l *Logger) Panic(err error)

          Panic logs an Fx line then panics.

          func (*Logger) PrintProvide

          func (l *Logger) PrintProvide(t interface{})

            PrintProvide logs a type provided into the dig.Container.

            func (*Logger) PrintSignal

            func (l *Logger) PrintSignal(signal os.Signal)

              PrintSignal logs an os.Signal.

              func (*Logger) PrintSupply

              func (l *Logger) PrintSupply(constructor interface{})

                PrintSupply logs a type supplied directly into the dig.Container by the given constructor function.

                func (*Logger) Printf

                func (l *Logger) Printf(format string, v ...interface{})

                  Printf logs a formatted Fx line.

                  type Printer

                  type Printer interface {
                  	Printf(string, ...interface{})

                    Printer is a formatting printer.

                    type Spy

                    type Spy struct {
                    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                      Spy is an Fx Printer that captures logged statements. It may be used in tests of Fx logs.

                      func (*Spy) Messages

                      func (s *Spy) Messages() []string

                        Messages returns a copy of all captured messages.

                        func (*Spy) Printf

                        func (s *Spy) Printf(msg string, args ...interface{})

                          Printf logs the given message, formatting it in printf-style.

                          func (*Spy) Reset

                          func (s *Spy) Reset()

                            Reset clears all messages from the Spy.

                            func (*Spy) String

                            func (s *Spy) String() string

                              String returns all logged messages as a single newline-delimited string.

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