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type Stack

type Stack struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

    Stack represents a single Goroutine's stack.

    func All

    func All() []Stack

      All returns the stacks for all running goroutines.

      func Current

      func Current() Stack

        Current returns the stack for the current goroutine.

        func (Stack) FirstFunction

        func (s Stack) FirstFunction() string

          FirstFunction returns the name of the first function on the stack.

          func (Stack) Full

          func (s Stack) Full() string

            Full returns the full stack trace for this goroutine.

            func (Stack) ID

            func (s Stack) ID() int

              ID returns the goroutine ID.

              func (Stack) State

              func (s Stack) State() string

                State returns the Goroutine's state.

                func (Stack) String

                func (s Stack) String() string

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