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var ThriftModule = &thriftreflect.ThriftModule{
	Name:     "hyphenated-file",
	Package:  "",
	FilePath: "hyphenated-file.thrift",
	SHA1:     "8513913ac76a3ba1c6b2b3b6fb241462e162c446",
	Includes: []*thriftreflect.ThriftModule{
	Raw: rawIDL,

    ThriftModule represents the IDL file used to generate this package.


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    type DocumentStruct

    type DocumentStruct struct {
    	Second *non_hyphenated.Second `json:"second,required"`

    func (*DocumentStruct) Equals

    func (v *DocumentStruct) Equals(rhs *DocumentStruct) bool

      Equals returns true if all the fields of this DocumentStruct match the provided DocumentStruct.

      This function performs a deep comparison.

      func (*DocumentStruct) FromWire

      func (v *DocumentStruct) FromWire(w wire.Value) error

        FromWire deserializes a DocumentStruct struct from its Thrift-level representation. The Thrift-level representation may be obtained from a ThriftRW protocol implementation.

        An error is returned if we were unable to build a DocumentStruct struct from the provided intermediate representation.

        x, err := binaryProtocol.Decode(reader, wire.TStruct)
        if err != nil {
          return nil, err
        var v DocumentStruct
        if err := v.FromWire(x); err != nil {
          return nil, err
        return &v, nil

        func (*DocumentStruct) GetSecond

        func (v *DocumentStruct) GetSecond() (o *non_hyphenated.Second)

          GetSecond returns the value of Second if it is set or its zero value if it is unset.

          func (*DocumentStruct) IsSetSecond

          func (v *DocumentStruct) IsSetSecond() bool

            IsSetSecond returns true if Second is not nil.

            func (*DocumentStruct) MarshalLogObject

            func (v *DocumentStruct) MarshalLogObject(enc zapcore.ObjectEncoder) (err error)

              MarshalLogObject implements zapcore.ObjectMarshaler, enabling fast logging of DocumentStruct.

              func (*DocumentStruct) String

              func (v *DocumentStruct) String() string

                String returns a readable string representation of a DocumentStruct struct.

                func (*DocumentStruct) ToWire

                func (v *DocumentStruct) ToWire() (wire.Value, error)

                  ToWire translates a DocumentStruct struct into a Thrift-level intermediate representation. This intermediate representation may be serialized into bytes using a ThriftRW protocol implementation.

                  An error is returned if the struct or any of its fields failed to validate.

                  x, err := v.ToWire()
                  if err != nil {
                    return err
                  if err := binaryProtocol.Encode(x, writer); err != nil {
                    return err