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func Identify

func Identify(peer string) peer.Identifier

Identify coerces a string to a PeerIdentifier


type Peer

type Peer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Peer keeps a subscriber to send status updates to it, and the peer.Transport that created it

func NewPeer

func NewPeer(pid PeerIdentifier, transport peer.Transport) *Peer

NewPeer creates a new abstractpeer.Peer from a abstractpeer.PeerIdentifier, peer.Transport, and peer.Subscriber

func (*Peer) EndRequest

func (p *Peer) EndRequest()

EndRequest should be run after a request has finished.

func (*Peer) HostPort

func (p *Peer) HostPort() string

HostPort surfaces the HostPort in this function, if you want to access the hostport directly (for a downstream call) You need to cast the Peer to a *abstractpeer.Peer and run this function

func (*Peer) NotifyStatusChanged

func (p *Peer) NotifyStatusChanged()

NotifyStatusChanged broadcasts a status change notification to all subscribers.

func (*Peer) NumSubscribers

func (p *Peer) NumSubscribers() int

NumSubscribers returns the number of subscriptions attached to the peer

func (*Peer) SetStatus

func (p *Peer) SetStatus(status peer.ConnectionStatus)

SetStatus sets the status of the Peer (to be used by the peer.Transport)

func (*Peer) StartRequest

func (p *Peer) StartRequest()

StartRequest runs at the beginning of a request.

func (*Peer) Status

func (p *Peer) Status() peer.Status

Status returns the current status of the abstractpeer.Peer

func (*Peer) Subscribe

func (p *Peer) Subscribe(sub peer.Subscriber)

Subscribe adds a subscriber to the peer's subscriber map

func (*Peer) Transport

func (p *Peer) Transport() peer.Transport

Transport returns the peer.Transport that is in charge of this abstractpeer.Peer (and should be the one to handle requests)

func (*Peer) Unsubscribe

func (p *Peer) Unsubscribe(sub peer.Subscriber) error

Unsubscribe removes a subscriber from the peer's subscriber map

type PeerIdentifier

type PeerIdentifier string

PeerIdentifier uniquely references a host:port combination using a common interface

func (PeerIdentifier) Identifier

func (p PeerIdentifier) Identifier() string

Identifier generates a (should be) unique identifier for this PeerIdentifier (to use in maps, etc)

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