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Published: May 21, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:


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A message passing platform for Go that lets you:

  • Write servers and clients with various encodings, including JSON, Thrift, and Protobuf.
  • Expose servers over many transports simultaneously, including HTTP/1.1, gRPC, and TChannel.
  • Migrate outbound calls between transports without any code changes using config.


We recommend locking to SemVer range ^1 using Glide:

glide get '^1'


This library is v1 and follows SemVer strictly.

No breaking changes will be made to exported APIs before v2.0.0 with the exception of experimental packages.

Experimental packages reside within packages named x, and are not stable. This means their APIs can break at any time. The intention here is to validate these APIs and iterate on them by working closely with internal customers. Once stable, their contents will be moved out of the containing x package and their APIs will be locked.