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var OutboundStatusNotSupported = OutboundStatus{}

OutboundStatusNotSupported is returned when not valid OutboundStatus can be produced.

type ChooserStatus

type ChooserStatus struct {
	Name  string       `json:"name"`
	State string       `json:"state"`
	Peers []PeerStatus `json:"peers"`

ChooserStatus is a collection of basic chooser info.

type InboundStatus

type InboundStatus struct {
	Transport string `json:"transport"`
	Endpoint  string `json:"endpoint"`
	State     string `json:"state"`

InboundStatus is a collection of basics info about an Inbound.

type IntrospectableChooser

type IntrospectableChooser interface {
	Introspect() ChooserStatus

IntrospectableChooser extends the Chooser interfaces.

type IntrospectableInbound

type IntrospectableInbound interface {
	Introspect() InboundStatus

IntrospectableInbound extends the Inbound interface.

type IntrospectableOutbound

type IntrospectableOutbound interface {
	Introspect() OutboundStatus

IntrospectableOutbound extends the Outbound interface.

type OutboundStatus

type OutboundStatus struct {
	Transport   string        `json:"transport"`
	RPCType     string        `json:"rpctype"`
	Endpoint    string        `json:"endpoint"`
	State       string        `json:"state"`
	Chooser     ChooserStatus `json:"chooser"`
	Service     string        `json:"service"`
	OutboundKey string        `json:"outboundkey"`

OutboundStatus is a collection of basics info about an Outbound.

type PeerStatus

type PeerStatus struct {
	Identifier string `json:"identifier"`
	State      string `json:"state"`

PeerStatus is a collection of basic peers info.

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