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var DefaultExponential = &ExponentialStrategy{
	opts: defaultExponentialOpts,

    DefaultExponential is an exponential backoff.Strategy with full jitter. The first attempt has a range of 0 to 10ms and each successive attempt doubles the range of the possible delay.

    Exponential strategies are not thread safe. The Backoff() method returns a referentially independent backoff generator and random number generator.


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    type ExponentialOption

    type ExponentialOption func(*exponentialOptions)

      ExponentialOption defines options that can be applied to an exponential backoff strategy

      func FirstBackoff

      func FirstBackoff(t time.Duration) ExponentialOption

        FirstBackoff sets the initial range of durations that the first backoff duration will provide. The range of durations will double for each successive attempt.

        func MaxBackoff

        func MaxBackoff(t time.Duration) ExponentialOption

          MaxBackoff sets absolute max time that will ever be returned for a backoff.

          type ExponentialStrategy

          type ExponentialStrategy struct {
          	// contains filtered or unexported fields

            ExponentialStrategy can create instances of the exponential backoff strategy with full jitter. Each instance has referentially independent random number generators.

            func NewExponential

            func NewExponential(opts ...ExponentialOption) (*ExponentialStrategy, error)

              NewExponential returns a new exponential backoff strategy, which in turn returns backoff functions.

              Exponential is an exponential backoff strategy with jitter. Under the AWS backoff strategies this is a "Full Jitter" backoff implementation with the addition of a Min and Max Value. The range of durations will be contained in a closed [Min, Max] interval.

              Backoff functions are lockless and referentially independent, but not thread-safe.

              func (*ExponentialStrategy) Backoff

              func (e *ExponentialStrategy) Backoff() backoff.Backoff

                Backoff returns an instance of the exponential backoff strategy with its own random number generator.

                func (*ExponentialStrategy) IsEqual

                  IsEqual returns whether this strategy is equivalent to another strategy.

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