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func Blast

func Blast(ctx context.Context, t *testing.T, rawClient raw.Client)

    Blast sends a blast of calls to the client and verifies that they do not err.

    func Call

    func Call(ctx context.Context, rawClient raw.Client) error

      Call sends an echo request to the client.

      func CallUntilSuccess

      func CallUntilSuccess(t *testing.T, rawClient raw.Client, interval time.Duration)

        CallUntilSuccess sends a request until it succeeds.

        func Register

        func Register(dispatcher *yarpc.Dispatcher)

          Register registers an echo procedure handler on a dispatcher.

          func Timeout

          func Timeout(ctx context.Context, rawClient raw.Client) error

            Timeout sends a request to the client, which will timeout on the server.


            type TransportSpec

            type TransportSpec struct {
            	NewServerTransport func(t *testing.T, addr string) peer.Transport
            	NewClientTransport func(t *testing.T) peer.Transport
            	NewInbound         func(xport peer.Transport, addr string) transport.Inbound
            	NewUnaryOutbound   func(xport peer.Transport, pc peer.Chooser) transport.UnaryOutbound
            	Identify           func(addr string) peer.Identifier
            	Addr               func(xport peer.Transport, inbound transport.Inbound) string

              TransportSpec specifies how to create test clients and servers for a transport.

              func (TransportSpec) NewClient

              func (s TransportSpec) NewClient(t *testing.T, addrs []string) (*yarpc.Dispatcher, raw.Client)

                NewClient returns a running dispatcher and a raw client for the echo procedure.

                func (TransportSpec) NewServer

                func (s TransportSpec) NewServer(t *testing.T, addr string) (*yarpc.Dispatcher, string)

                  NewServer creates an echo server using the given inbound from any transport.

                  func (TransportSpec) Test

                  func (s TransportSpec) Test(t *testing.T)

                    Test runs reusable tests with the transport spec.

                    func (TransportSpec) TestBackoffConnRoundRobin

                    func (s TransportSpec) TestBackoffConnRoundRobin(t *testing.T)

                      TestBackoffConnRoundRobin is a reusable test that any transport can apply to cover connection management backoff.

                      func (TransportSpec) TestConcurrentClientsRoundRobin

                      func (s TransportSpec) TestConcurrentClientsRoundRobin(t *testing.T)

                        TestConcurrentClientsRoundRobin is a reusable test that any transport can apply to cover connection reuse.

                        func (TransportSpec) TestConnectAndStopRoundRobin

                        func (s TransportSpec) TestConnectAndStopRoundRobin(t *testing.T)

                          TestConnectAndStopRoundRobin is a test that any transport can apply to exercise a transport dropping connections if the transport is stopped before a pending request can complete.

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