Package observability provides logging and metrics collection middleware for YARPC.



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    type Config

    type Config struct {
    	// Logger to which messages will be logged.
    	Logger *zap.Logger
    	// Scope to which metrics are emitted.
    	Scope *metrics.Scope
    	// MetricTagsBlocklist of metric tags being suppressed from being tagged on
    	// metrics emitted by the middleware.
    	MetricTagsBlocklist []string
    	// ContextExtractor Extracts request-scoped information from the context for logging.
    	ContextExtractor ContextExtractor
    	// Levels specify log levels for various classes of requests.
    	Levels LevelsConfig

      Config configures the observability middleware.

      type ContextExtractor

      type ContextExtractor func(context.Context) zapcore.Field

        A ContextExtractor pulls any relevant request-scoped data (e.g., tracing spans) from the request's Context.

        func NewNopContextExtractor

        func NewNopContextExtractor() ContextExtractor

          NewNopContextExtractor returns a no-op ContextExtractor.

          type DirectionalLevelsConfig

          type DirectionalLevelsConfig struct {
          	// Log level used to log successful calls.
          	// Defaults to DebugLevel.
          	Success *zapcore.Level
          	// Log level used to log failed calls.
          	// This includes low-level network errors, TChannel error frames, etc.
          	// Defaults to ErrorLevel.
          	// Deprecated in favor of ServerError and ClientError.
          	Failure *zapcore.Level
          	// Log level used to log calls that failed with an application error.
          	// All Thrift exceptions are considered application errors.
          	// Defaults to ErrorLevel.
          	// Deprecated in favor of ServerError and ClientError.
          	ApplicationError *zapcore.Level
          	// Log level used to log calls that failed with an server error.
          	// Defaults to ErrorLevel.
          	ServerError *zapcore.Level
          	// Log level used to log calls that failed with an client error.
          	// All Thrift exceptions are considered application errors if
          	// there are not annotated with the option rpc.code.
          	// Defaults to ErrorLevel.
          	ClientError *zapcore.Level

            DirectionalLevelsConfig may override the log levels for any combination of successes, failures, and application errors.

            type LevelsConfig

            type LevelsConfig struct {
            	Default  DirectionalLevelsConfig
            	Inbound  DirectionalLevelsConfig
            	Outbound DirectionalLevelsConfig

              LevelsConfig specifies log level overrides for inbound traffic, outbound traffic, or the defaults for either.

              type Middleware

              type Middleware struct {
              	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                Middleware is logging and metrics middleware for all RPC types.

                func NewMiddleware

                func NewMiddleware(cfg Config) *Middleware

                  NewMiddleware constructs an observability middleware with the provided configuration.

                  func (*Middleware) Call

                    Call implements middleware.UnaryOutbound.

                    func (*Middleware) CallOneway

                      CallOneway implements middleware.OnewayOutbound.

                      func (*Middleware) CallStream

                        CallStream implements middleware.StreamOutbound.

                        func (*Middleware) Handle

                          Handle implements middleware.UnaryInbound.

                          func (*Middleware) HandleOneway

                          func (m *Middleware) HandleOneway(ctx context.Context, req *transport.Request, h transport.OnewayHandler) error

                            HandleOneway implements middleware.OnewayInbound.

                            func (*Middleware) HandleStream

                            func (m *Middleware) HandleStream(serverStream *transport.ServerStream, h transport.StreamHandler) error

                              HandleStream implements middleware.StreamInbound.