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const (
	// FireDoneTimeout is how long fireDone will wait for both sending and receiving.
	FireDoneTimeout = 3 * time.Second


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type FooYARPCServer

type FooYARPCServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

FooYARPCServer implements examplepb.FooYARPCServer.

func NewFooYARPCServer

func NewFooYARPCServer(expectedHeaders transport.Headers) *FooYARPCServer

NewFooYARPCServer returns a new FooYARPCServer.

func (*FooYARPCServer) EchoBoth

EchoBoth immediately echos a request back to the client.

func (*FooYARPCServer) EchoIn

EchoIn echos a series of requests back on a stream.

func (*FooYARPCServer) EchoOut

EchoOut reads from a stream and echos all requests in the response.

type KeyValueYARPCServer

type KeyValueYARPCServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KeyValueYARPCServer implements examplepb.KeyValueYARPCServer.

func NewKeyValueYARPCServer

func NewKeyValueYARPCServer() *KeyValueYARPCServer

NewKeyValueYARPCServer returns a new KeyValueYARPCServer.

func (*KeyValueYARPCServer) GetValue

GetValue implements GetValue.

func (*KeyValueYARPCServer) SetNextError

func (k *KeyValueYARPCServer) SetNextError(err error)

SetNextError sets the error to return on the next call to KeyValueYARPCServer.

func (*KeyValueYARPCServer) SetValue

SetValue implements SetValue.

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