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Package zap

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Published: Sep 1, 2020 | License: MIT | Module:
Path Synopsis
buffer Package buffer provides a thin wrapper around a byte slice.
internal/bufferpool Package bufferpool houses zap's shared internal buffer pool.
internal/color Package color adds coloring functionality for TTY output.
internal/exit Package exit provides stubs so that unit tests can exercise code that calls os.Exit(1).
internal/ztest Package ztest provides low-level helpers for testing log output.
zapcore Package zapcore defines and implements the low-level interfaces upon which zap is built.
zapgrpc Package zapgrpc provides a logger that is compatible with grpclog.
zaptest Package zaptest provides a variety of helpers for testing log output.
zaptest/observer Package observer provides a zapcore.Core that keeps an in-memory, encoding-agnostic repesentation of log entries.