Package observer provides a zapcore.Core that keeps an in-memory, encoding-agnostic repesentation of log entries. It's useful for applications that want to unit test their log output without tying their tests to a particular output encoding.



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type LoggedEntry

type LoggedEntry struct {
	Context []zapcore.Field

An LoggedEntry is an encoding-agnostic representation of a log message. Field availability is context dependant.

func (LoggedEntry) ContextMap

func (e LoggedEntry) ContextMap() map[string]interface{}

ContextMap returns a map for all fields in Context.

type ObservedLogs

type ObservedLogs struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ObservedLogs is a concurrency-safe, ordered collection of observed logs.

func New

New creates a new Core that buffers logs in memory (without any encoding). It's particularly useful in tests.

func (*ObservedLogs) All

func (o *ObservedLogs) All() []LoggedEntry

All returns a copy of all the observed logs.

func (*ObservedLogs) AllUntimed

func (o *ObservedLogs) AllUntimed() []LoggedEntry

AllUntimed returns a copy of all the observed logs, but overwrites the observed timestamps with time.Time's zero value. This is useful when making assertions in tests.

func (*ObservedLogs) FilterField

func (o *ObservedLogs) FilterField(field zapcore.Field) *ObservedLogs

FilterField filters entries to those that have the specified field.

func (*ObservedLogs) FilterMessage

func (o *ObservedLogs) FilterMessage(msg string) *ObservedLogs

FilterMessage filters entries to those that have the specified message.

func (*ObservedLogs) FilterMessageSnippet

func (o *ObservedLogs) FilterMessageSnippet(snippet string) *ObservedLogs

FilterMessageSnippet filters entries to those that have a message containing the specified snippet.

func (*ObservedLogs) Len

func (o *ObservedLogs) Len() int

Len returns the number of items in the collection.

func (*ObservedLogs) TakeAll

func (o *ObservedLogs) TakeAll() []LoggedEntry

TakeAll returns a copy of all the observed logs, and truncates the observed slice.