Package tgbot provides some simple wrapping around telegram bot api.



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    type AnswerCallbackQuery

    type AnswerCallbackQuery struct {
    	ID   string `json:"callback_query_id,omitempty"`
    	Text string `json:"text,omitempty"`

      AnswerCallbackQuery is the answer to CallbackQuery.

      type Bot

      type Bot struct {
      	Token string
      	GlobalURLPrefix string
      	WebhookPrefix   string
      	Logger logger.Logger
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        Bot defines a telegram b with token.

        func (*Bot) PostRequest

        func (b *Bot) PostRequest(
        	ctx context.Context,
        	endpoint string,
        	params url.Values,
        ) (code int, err error)

          PostRequest use POST method to send a request to telegram

          func (*Bot) ReplyCallback

          func (b *Bot) ReplyCallback(ctx context.Context, id string, msg string) (code int, err error)

            ReplyCallback sents an answerCallbackQuery request.

            func (*Bot) SendMessage

            func (b *Bot) SendMessage(
            	ctx context.Context,
            	id int64,
            	msg string,
            	replyTo *int64,
            	markup *InlineKeyboardMarkup,
            ) (code int, err error)

              SendMessage sents a telegram messsage.

              func (*Bot) SetWebhook

              func (b *Bot) SetWebhook(ctx context.Context, webhookMaxConn int) (code int, err error)

                SetWebhook sets webhook with telegram.

                func (*Bot) String

                func (b *Bot) String() string

                func (*Bot) ValidateWebhookURL

                func (b *Bot) ValidateWebhookURL(r *http.Request) bool

                  ValidateWebhookURL validates whether requested URI in request matches hash path.

                  type CallbackQuery

                  type CallbackQuery struct {
                  	ID      string   `json:"id,omitempty"`
                  	Data    string   `json:"data,omitempty"`
                  	Message *Message `json:"message,omitempty"`

                    CallbackQuery is the callback from InlineKeyboardButton.

                    type Chat

                    type Chat struct {
                    	ID        int64  `json:"id,omitempty"`
                    	FirstName string `json:"first_name,omitempty"`
                    	LastName  string `json:"last_name,omitempty"`
                    	Username  string `json:"username,omitempty"`
                    	Type      string `json:"type,omitempty"`

                      Chat is a telegram chat.

                      type InlineKeyboardButton

                      type InlineKeyboardButton struct {
                      	Text string `json:"text,omitempty"`
                      	Data string `json:"callback_data,omitempty"`

                        InlineKeyboardButton represents a single choice inside InlineKeyboardMarkup.

                        type InlineKeyboardMarkup

                        type InlineKeyboardMarkup struct {
                        	InlineKeyboard [][]InlineKeyboardButton `json:"inline_keyboard,omitempty"`

                          InlineKeyboardMarkup is used to provide single choice replies.

                          type Message

                          type Message struct {
                          	ID   int64  `json:"message_id,omitempty"`
                          	From User   `json:"from,omitempty"`
                          	Chat Chat   `json:"chat,omitempty"`
                          	Date int64  `json:"date,omitempty"`
                          	Text string `json:"text,omitempty"`
                          	Entities []MessageEntity `json:"entities,omitempty"`

                            Message is a telegram message.

                            type MessageEntity

                            type MessageEntity struct {
                            	Type   string `json:"type,omitempty"`
                            	URL    string `json:"url,omitempty"`
                            	Offset int64  `json:"offset,omitempty"`
                            	Length int64  `json:"length,omitempty"`

                              MessageEntity represents one special entity in a message (e.g. url)

                              type ReplyMessage

                              type ReplyMessage struct {
                              	Method  string `json:"method,omitempty"`
                              	ChatID  int64  `json:"chat_id,omitempty"`
                              	ReplyTo int64  `json:"reply_to_message_id,omitempty"`
                              	Text    string `json:"text,omitempty"`
                              	ReplyMarkup *InlineKeyboardMarkup `json:"reply_markup,omitempty"`

                                ReplyMessage is a message sent on webhook requests.

                                type Update

                                type Update struct {
                                	ID       int64          `json:"update_id,omitempty"`
                                	Message  *Message       `json:"message,omitempty"`
                                	Callback *CallbackQuery `json:"callback_query,omitempty"`

                                  Update is a update from telegram webhook.

                                  type User

                                  type User struct {
                                  	ID        int64  `json:"id,omitempty"`
                                  	FirstName string `json:"first_name,omitempty"`
                                  	LastName  string `json:"last_name,omitempty"`
                                  	Username  string `json:"username,omitempty"`
                                  	Langueage string `json:"language_code,omitempty"`

                                    User is a telegram user.