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func Monitor

func Monitor(ctx context.Context, cfg Config) error

Monitor will start the runtime monitoring process to publish metrics


type Config

type Config struct {
	Name     string        `toml:"-"`
	ID       string        `toml:"-"`
	Version  string        `toml:"-"`
	Revision string        `toml:"-"`
	Interval time.Duration `toml:"interval" default:"1m" comment:"Refresh interval for runtime metrics update"`

Config holds the runtime metric exporter informations

func (*Config) Validate added in v0.0.23

func (c *Config) Validate() error

Validate rntime config parameters

type Publisher

type Publisher interface {
	Publish(rs *Stats)

Publisher defines metric publisher contract

func OpenCensus

func OpenCensus(cfg Config) Publisher

OpenCensus initialize an opencensus metric publisher

type Stats

type Stats struct {
	// Go
	Goarch  string `json:"runtime.arch"`
	Goos    string `json:"runtime.os"`
	Version string `json:"runtime.go_version"`
	// CPU
	NumCPU       int64 `json:"runtime.cpu"`
	NumGoRoutine int64 `json:"runtime.goroutines"`
	NumCGOCall   int64 `json:"runtime.cgo_calls"`
	// Memory
	MemAlloc      int64 `json:"mem.alloc"`
	MemTotalAlloc int64 `json:""`
	MemSys        int64 `json:"mem.sys"`
	MemLookups    int64 `json:"mem.lookups"`
	MemMallocs    int64 `json:"mem.malloc"`
	MemFrees      int64 `json:""`
	// Heap
	HeapAlloc    int64 `json:"mem.heap.alloc"`
	HeapSys      int64 `json:"mem.heap.sys"`
	HeapIdle     int64 `json:"mem.heap.idle"`
	HeapInuse    int64 `json:"mem.heap.inuse"`
	HeapReleased int64 `json:"mem.heap.released"`
	HeapObjects  int64 `json:"mem.heap.objects"`
	// Stack
	StackInuse  int64 `json:"mem.stack.inuse"`
	StackSys    int64 `json:"mem.stack.sys"`
	MSpanInuse  int64 `json:"mem.stack.mspan_inuse"`
	MSpanSys    int64 `json:"mem.stack.mspan_sys"`
	MCacheInuse int64 `json:"mem.stack.mcache_inuse"`
	MCacheSys   int64 `json:"mem.stack.mcache_sys"`
	OtherSys    int64 `json:"mem.othersys"`
	// GC
	GCSys         int64   `json:"mem.gc.sys"`
	NextGC        int64   `json:""`
	LastGC        int64   `json:"mem.gc.last"`
	PauseTotalNs  int64   `json:"mem.gc.pause_total"`
	PauseNs       int64   `json:"mem.gc.pause"`
	NumGC         int64   `json:"mem.gc.count"`
	GCCPUFraction float64 `json:"mem.gc.cpu_fraction"`

Stats represents collected statistics

func (*Stats) Collect

func (s *Stats) Collect()

Collect is used to fill the struct with current metrics

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