Package openurl provides helpers for URLMux and URLOpeners in portable APIs.



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    type SchemeMap

    type SchemeMap struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      SchemeMap maps URL schemes to values. The zero value is an empty map, ready for use.

      func (*SchemeMap) FromString

      func (m *SchemeMap) FromString(typ, urlstr string) (interface{}, *url.URL, error)

        FromString parses urlstr as an URL and looks up the value for the URL's scheme.

        func (*SchemeMap) FromURL

        func (m *SchemeMap) FromURL(typ string, u *url.URL) (interface{}, error)

          FromURL looks up the value for u's scheme.

          func (*SchemeMap) Register

          func (m *SchemeMap) Register(api, typ, scheme string, value interface{})

            Register registers scheme for value; subsequent calls to FromString or FromURL with scheme will return value. api is the portable API name (e.g., "blob"); the same value should always be passed. It should be in all lowercase. typ is the portable type (e.g., "Bucket"). Register panics if scheme has already been registered.

            func (*SchemeMap) Schemes

            func (m *SchemeMap) Schemes() []string

              Schemes returns a sorted slice of the registered schemes.

              func (*SchemeMap) ValidScheme

              func (m *SchemeMap) ValidScheme(scheme string) bool

                ValidScheme returns true iff scheme has been registered.

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