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gclip command offers the ability to interact with the system clipboard from the shell. To install:

$ go install golang.design/x/clipboard/cmd/gclip@latest
$ gclip
gclip is a command that provides clipboard interaction.
usage: gclip [-copy|-paste] [-f <file>]
        copy data to clipboard
  -f string
        source or destination to a given file path
        paste data from clipboard
gclip -paste                    paste from clipboard and prints the content
gclip -paste -f x.txt           paste from clipboard and save as text to x.txt
gclip -paste -f x.png           paste from clipboard and save as image to x.png
cat x.txt | gclip -copy         copy content from x.txt to clipboard
gclip -copy -f x.txt            copy content from x.txt to clipboard
gclip -copy -f x.png            copy x.png as image data to clipboard

If -copy is used, the command will exit when the data is no longer available from the clipboard. You can always send the command to the background using a shell & operator, for example:

$ cat x.txt | gclip -copy &


MIT | © 2021 The golang.design Initiative Authors, written by Changkun Ou.


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