Running locally

Building, running tests, running locally is supported on Linux and macOS only.


go run --mode=dev --env=dev

to start a server on https://localhost:8119. Proceed past the TLS warning and you should get the homepage. Some features won't work when running locally, but you should be able to view the homepage and the builders page and do basic sanity checks.

Render the "Trybot Status" page locally

To view/modify the "Trybot Status" page locally, you can run the coordinator with the -dev tag.

go run -tags=dev --mode=dev --env=dev

Then visit https://localhost:8119/try-dev in your browser. You should see a trybot status page with some example data.

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The coordinator runs the majority of the Go build system.

It is responsible for finding build work and executing it, reporting the results to for public display.

For an overview of the Go build system, see the README at the root of the x/build repo.


Path Synopsis
internal/dashboard Package dashboard contains the implementation of the build dashboard for the Coordinator.
metrics Package metrics enumerates the set of Stackdriver metrics used by the Go build system.