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Published: 1 day ago | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:
Path Synopsis
buildgo Package buildgo provides tools for pushing and building the Go distribution on buildlets.
buildstats Package buildstats contains code to sync the coordinator's build logs from Datastore to BigQuery.
foreach Package foreach provides allocation-conscious helpers for iterating over lines of text.
gitauth Package gitauth writes gitcookies files so git will authenticate to Gerrit as gopherbot for quota purposes.
gophers Package gophers is a list of names, emails, and GitHub usernames of people from the Go git repos and issue trackers.
httpdl Package httpdl downloads things from HTTP to local disk.
https Package https contains helpers for starting an HTTPS server.
loghash Package loghash provides the shared information for computing a log hash (as in
lru Package lru implements an LRU cache.
secret Package secret provides a client interface for interacting with the GCP Secret Management service.
singleflight Package singleflight provides a duplicate function call suppression mechanism.
sourcecache Package sourcecache provides a cache of code found in Git repositories.
spanlog Package spanlog provides span and event logger interfaces.
untar Package untar untars a tarball to disk.