Package lifecycler tracks a window's lifecycle state.

    It eliminates sending redundant lifecycle events, ones where the From and To stages are equal. For example, moving a window from one part of the screen to another should not send multiple events from StageVisible to StageVisible, even though the underlying window system's message might only hold the new position, and not whether the window was previously visible.



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    type Sender

    type Sender interface {
    	Send(event interface{})

      Sender is who to send the lifecycle event to.

      type State

      type State struct {
      	// contains filtered or unexported fields

        State is a window's lifecycle state.

        func (*State) SendEvent

        func (s *State) SendEvent(r Sender, drawContext interface{})

        func (*State) SetDead

        func (s *State) SetDead(b bool)

        func (*State) SetFocused

        func (s *State) SetFocused(b bool)

        func (*State) SetVisible

        func (s *State) SetVisible(b bool)

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