Package mouse defines an event for mouse input.

    See the package for details on the event model.



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    type Button

    type Button int32

      Button is a mouse button.

      const (
      	ButtonNone   Button = +0
      	ButtonLeft   Button = +1
      	ButtonMiddle Button = +2
      	ButtonRight  Button = +3
      	ButtonWheelUp    Button = -1
      	ButtonWheelDown  Button = -2
      	ButtonWheelLeft  Button = -3
      	ButtonWheelRight Button = -4

      func (Button) IsWheel

      func (b Button) IsWheel() bool

        IsWheel reports whether the button is for a scroll wheel.

        type Direction

        type Direction uint8

          Direction is the direction of the mouse event.

          const (
          	DirNone    Direction = 0
          	DirPress   Direction = 1
          	DirRelease Direction = 2
          	// DirStep is a simultaneous press and release, such as a single step of a
          	// mouse wheel.
          	// Its value equals DirPress | DirRelease.
          	DirStep Direction = 3

          func (Direction) String

          func (d Direction) String() string

          type Event

          type Event struct {
          	// X and Y are the mouse location, in pixels.
          	X, Y float32
          	// Button is the mouse button being pressed or released. Its value may be
          	// zero, for a mouse move or drag without any button change.
          	Button Button
          	// Modifiers is a bitmask representing a set of modifier keys:
          	// key.ModShift, key.ModAlt, etc.
          	Modifiers key.Modifiers
          	// Direction is the direction of the mouse event: DirPress, DirRelease,
          	// or DirNone (for mouse moves or drags).
          	Direction Direction

            Event is a mouse event.

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