Package seq implements the machine-dependent seq serialization format.

    Implementations of Transact and FinalizeRef are provided by a specific foreign language binding package, e.g.

    Designed only for use by the code generated by gobind. Don't try to use this directly.



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    const NullRefNum = 41

      also known to bind/java/ and bind/objc/seq_darwin.m


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      var FinalizeRef func(ref *Ref)

        FinalizeRef is the finalizer used on foreign objects.

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        var IncForeignRef func(refnum int32)

          IncRef increments the foreign reference count for ref while it is in transit. The count is decremented after the ref is received and translated on the foreign side.


          func Delete

          func Delete(num int32)

            Delete decrements the reference count and removes the pinned object from the object map when the reference count becomes zero.

            func Inc

            func Inc(num int32)

              Inc increments the reference count for a refnum. Called from Bind_proxy_refnum functions.

              func ToRefNum

              func ToRefNum(obj interface{}) int32

                ToRefNum increments the reference count for an object and returns its refnum.

                func UTF16Encode

                func UTF16Encode(s string, chars []uint16) int

                  UTF16Encode utf16 encodes s into chars. It returns the resulting length in units of uint16. It is assumed that the chars slice has enough room for the encoded string.


                  type Ref

                  type Ref struct {
                  	Bind_Num int32

                    A Ref represents a Java or Go object passed across the language boundary.

                    func FromRefNum

                    func FromRefNum(num int32) *Ref

                      FromRefNum returns the Ref for a refnum. If the refnum specifies a foreign object, a finalizer is set to track its lifetime.

                      func (*Ref) Bind_IncNum

                      func (r *Ref) Bind_IncNum() int32

                        Bind_IncNum increments the foreign reference count and return the refnum.

                        func (*Ref) Get

                        func (r *Ref) Get() interface{}

                          Get returns the underlying object.