Package touch defines an event for touch input.

    See the package for details on the event model.



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    type Event

    type Event struct {
    	// X and Y are the touch location, in pixels.
    	X, Y float32
    	// Sequence is the sequence number. The same number is shared by all events
    	// in a sequence. A sequence begins with a single TypeBegin, is followed by
    	// zero or more TypeMoves, and ends with a single TypeEnd. A Sequence
    	// distinguishes concurrent sequences but its value is subsequently reused.
    	Sequence Sequence
    	// Type is the touch type.
    	Type Type

      Event is a touch event.

      type Sequence

      type Sequence int64

        Sequence identifies a sequence of touch events.

        type Type

        type Type byte

          Type describes the type of a touch event.

          const (
          	// TypeBegin is a user first touching the device.
          	// On Android, this is a AMOTION_EVENT_ACTION_DOWN.
          	// On iOS, this is a call to touchesBegan.
          	TypeBegin Type = iota
          	// TypeMove is a user dragging across the device.
          	// A TypeMove is delivered between a TypeBegin and TypeEnd.
          	// On Android, this is a AMOTION_EVENT_ACTION_MOVE.
          	// On iOS, this is a call to touchesMoved.
          	// TypeEnd is a user no longer touching the device.
          	// On Android, this is a AMOTION_EVENT_ACTION_UP.
          	// On iOS, this is a call to touchesEnded.

          func (Type) String

          func (t Type) String() string

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