Package execabs is a drop-in replacement for os/exec that requires PATH lookups to find absolute paths. That is, execabs.Command("cmd") runs the same PATH lookup as exec.Command("cmd"), but if the result is a path which is relative, the Run and Start methods will report an error instead of running the executable.

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    var ErrNotFound = exec.ErrNotFound

      ErrNotFound is the error resulting if a path search failed to find an executable file. It is an alias for exec.ErrNotFound.


      func Command

      func Command(name string, arg ...string) *exec.Cmd

        Command returns the Cmd struct to execute the named program with the given arguments. See exec.Command for most details.

        Command differs from exec.Command in its handling of PATH lookups, which are used when the program name contains no slashes. If exec.Command would have returned an exec.Cmd configured to run an executable from the current directory, Command instead returns an exec.Cmd that will return an error from Start or Run.

        func CommandContext

        func CommandContext(ctx context.Context, name string, arg ...string) *exec.Cmd

          CommandContext is like Command but includes a context.

          The provided context is used to kill the process (by calling os.Process.Kill) if the context becomes done before the command completes on its own.

          func LookPath

          func LookPath(file string) (string, error)

            LookPath searches for an executable named file in the directories named by the PATH environment variable. If file contains a slash, it is tried directly and the PATH is not consulted. The result will be an absolute path.

            LookPath differs from exec.LookPath in its handling of PATH lookups, which are used for file names without slashes. If exec.LookPath's PATH lookup would have returned an executable from the current directory, LookPath instead returns an error.


            type Cmd

            type Cmd = exec.Cmd

              Cmd represents an external command being prepared or run. It is an alias for exec.Cmd.

              type Error

              type Error = exec.Error

                Error is returned by LookPath when it fails to classify a file as an executable. It is an alias for exec.Error.

                type ExitError

                type ExitError = exec.ExitError

                  An ExitError reports an unsuccessful exit by a command. It is an alias for exec.ExitError.

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