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The pkgfact package is a demonstration and test of the package fact mechanism.

The output of the pkgfact analysis is a set of key/values pairs gathered from the analyzed package and its imported dependencies. Each key/value pair comes from a top-level constant declaration whose name starts and ends with "_". For example:

     package p

	const _greeting_  = "hello"
	const _audience_  = "world"

the pkgfact analysis output for package p would be:

{"greeting": "hello", "audience": "world"}.

In addition, the analysis reports a diagnostic at each import showing which key/value pairs it contributes.



var Analyzer = &analysis.Analyzer{
	Name:       "pkgfact",
	Doc:        "gather name/value pairs from constant declarations",
	Run:        run,
	FactTypes:  []analysis.Fact{new(pairsFact)},
	ResultType: reflect.TypeOf(map[string]string{}),
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