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Published: Aug 6, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:


Package lsp implements LSP for gopls.



const (
	// FromDidOpen is a file modification caused by opening a file.
	FromDidOpen = ModificationSource(iota)

	// FromDidChange is a file modification caused by changing a file.

	// FromDidChangeWatchedFiles is a file modification caused by a change to a
	// watched file.

	// FromDidSave is a file modification caused by a file save.

	// FromDidClose is a file modification caused by closing a file.

	// FromRegenerateCgo refers to file modifications caused by regenerating
	// the cgo sources for the workspace.

	// FromInitialWorkspaceLoad refers to the loading of all packages in the
	// workspace when the view is first created.
const GenerateWorkDoneTitle = "generate"

GenerateWorkDoneTitle is the title used in progress reporting for go generate commands. It is exported for testing purposes.

func DiagnosticWorkTitle

func DiagnosticWorkTitle(cause ModificationSource) string

DiagnosticWorkTitle returns the title of the diagnostic work resulting from a file change originating from the given cause.

type ModificationSource

type ModificationSource int

ModificationSource identifies the originating cause of a file modification.

func (ModificationSource) String

func (m ModificationSource) String() string

type Server

type Server struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Server implements the protocol.Server interface.

func NewServer

func NewServer(session source.Session, client protocol.Client) *Server

NewServer creates an LSP server and binds it to handle incoming client messages on on the supplied stream.

func (*Server) CodeAction

func (s *Server) CodeAction(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CodeActionParams) ([]protocol.CodeAction, error)

func (*Server) CodeLens

func (s *Server) CodeLens(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CodeLensParams) ([]protocol.CodeLens, error)

func (*Server) Completion

func (s *Server) Completion(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.CompletionParams) (*protocol.CompletionList, error)

func (*Server) Definition

func (s *Server) Definition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DefinitionParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) DidChange

func (s *Server) DidChange(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeConfiguration

func (s *Server) DidChangeConfiguration(ctx context.Context, changed *protocol.DidChangeConfigurationParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles

func (s *Server) DidChangeWatchedFiles(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeWatchedFilesParams) error

func (*Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders

func (s *Server) DidChangeWorkspaceFolders(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidChangeWorkspaceFoldersParams) error

func (*Server) DidClose

func (s *Server) DidClose(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidCloseTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidOpen

func (s *Server) DidOpen(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidOpenTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DidSave

func (s *Server) DidSave(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DidSaveTextDocumentParams) error

func (*Server) DocumentHighlight

func (s *Server) DocumentHighlight(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentHighlightParams) ([]protocol.DocumentHighlight, error)
func (s *Server) DocumentLink(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentLinkParams) ([]protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) DocumentSymbol

func (s *Server) DocumentSymbol(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentSymbolParams) ([]interface{}, error)

func (*Server) ExecuteCommand

func (s *Server) ExecuteCommand(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ExecuteCommandParams) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) Exit

func (s *Server) Exit(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) FoldingRange

func (s *Server) FoldingRange(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.FoldingRangeParams) ([]protocol.FoldingRange, error)

func (*Server) Formatting

func (s *Server) Formatting(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.DocumentFormattingParams) ([]protocol.TextEdit, error)

func (*Server) Hover

func (s *Server) Hover(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.HoverParams) (*protocol.Hover, error)

func (*Server) Implementation

func (s *Server) Implementation(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ImplementationParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) Initialize

func (s *Server) Initialize(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ParamInitialize) (*protocol.InitializeResult, error)

func (*Server) Initialized

func (s *Server) Initialized(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.InitializedParams) error

func (*Server) LogTrace

func (s *Server) LogTrace(context.Context, *protocol.LogTraceParams) error

func (*Server) NonstandardRequest

func (s *Server) NonstandardRequest(ctx context.Context, method string, params interface{}) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) PrepareRename

func (s *Server) PrepareRename(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.PrepareRenameParams) (*protocol.Range, error)

func (*Server) References

func (s *Server) References(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.ReferenceParams) ([]protocol.Location, error)

func (*Server) Rename

func (s *Server) Rename(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.RenameParams) (*protocol.WorkspaceEdit, error)

func (*Server) ResolveCodeLens

func (s *Server) ResolveCodeLens(context.Context, *protocol.CodeLens) (*protocol.CodeLens, error)
func (s *Server) ResolveDocumentLink(context.Context, *protocol.DocumentLink) (*protocol.DocumentLink, error)

func (*Server) SemanticTokensFullDelta

func (s *Server) SemanticTokensFullDelta(context.Context, *protocol.SemanticTokensDeltaParams) (interface{}, error)

func (*Server) SetTrace

func (s *Server) SetTrace(context.Context, *protocol.SetTraceParams) error

func (*Server) Shutdown

func (s *Server) Shutdown(ctx context.Context) error

func (*Server) SignatureHelp

func (s *Server) SignatureHelp(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.SignatureHelpParams) (*protocol.SignatureHelp, error)

func (*Server) StartWork

func (s *Server) StartWork(ctx context.Context, title, message string, cancel func()) *WorkDone

StartWork creates a unique token and issues a $/progress notification to begin a unit of work on the server. The returned WorkDone handle may be used to report incremental progress, and to report work completion. In particular, it is an error to call StartWork and not call End(...) on the returned WorkDone handle.

The progress item is considered cancellable if the given cancel func is non-nil.


func Generate(ctx) (err error) {
  ctx, cancel := context.WithCancel(ctx)
  defer cancel()
  work := s.StartWork(ctx, "generate", "running go generate", cancel)
  defer func() {
    if err != nil {
      work.End(ctx, fmt.Sprintf("generate failed: %v", err))
    } else {
      work.End(ctx, "done")
  // Do the work...

func (*Server) Symbol

func (s *Server) Symbol(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.WorkspaceSymbolParams) ([]protocol.SymbolInformation, error)

func (*Server) TypeDefinition

func (s *Server) TypeDefinition(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.TypeDefinitionParams) (protocol.Definition, error)

func (*Server) WorkDoneProgressCancel

func (s *Server) WorkDoneProgressCancel(ctx context.Context, params *protocol.WorkDoneProgressCancelParams) error

type WorkDone

type WorkDone struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

WorkDone represents a unit of work that is reported to the client via the progress API.

func (*WorkDone) End

func (wd *WorkDone) End(ctx context.Context, message string) error

End reports a workdone completion back to the client.

func (*WorkDone) Progress

func (wd *WorkDone) Progress(ctx context.Context, message string, percentage float64) error

Progress reports an update on WorkDone progress back to the client.

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