Package debug exports debug information for gopls.



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const (
	PlainText = PrintMode(iota)
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const Version = "master"

Version is a manually-updated mechanism for tracking versions.


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var BaseTemplate = template.Must(template.New("").Parse(`
<title>{{template "title" .}}</title>
td.value {
  text-align: right;
} {
	list-style-type: none;

{{block "head" .}}{{end}}
<a href="/">Main</a>
<a href="/info">Info</a>
<a href="/memory">Memory</a>
<a href="/metrics">Metrics</a>
<a href="/rpc">RPC</a>
<a href="/trace">Trace</a>
<h1>{{template "title" .}}</h1>
{{block "body" .}}
Unknown page

{{define "cachelink"}}<a href="/cache/{{.}}">Cache {{.}}</a>{{end}}
{{define "clientlink"}}<a href="/client/{{.}}">Client {{.}}</a>{{end}}
{{define "serverlink"}}<a href="/server/{{.}}">Server {{.}}</a>{{end}}
{{define "sessionlink"}}<a href="/session/{{.}}">Session {{.}}</a>{{end}}
{{define "viewlink"}}<a href="/view/{{.}}">View {{.}}</a>{{end}}
{{define "filelink"}}<a href="/file/{{.Session}}/{{.FileIdentity.Hash}}">{{.FileIdentity.URI}}</a>{{end}}
	"fuint64":  fuint64,
	"fuint32":  fuint32,
	"fcontent": fcontent,
	"localAddress": func(s string) string {

		host, port, err := net.SplitHostPort(s)
		if err != nil {
			return s
		ip := net.ParseIP(host)
		if ip == nil {
			return s
		if ip.IsLoopback() || ip.IsUnspecified() {
			return "localhost:" + port
		return s
	"options": func(s *cache.Session) []string {
		return showOptions(s.Options())
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var CacheTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Cache {{.ID}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
<h2>memoize.Store entries</h2>
<ul>{{range $k,$v := .MemStats}}<li>{{$k}} - {{$v}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<h2>Per-package usage - not accurate, for guidance only</h2>
{{.PackageStats true}}
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var ClientTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Client {{.Session.ID}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
Using session: <b>{{template "sessionlink" .Session.ID}}</b><br>
{{if .DebugAddress}}Debug this client at: <a href="http://{{localAddress .DebugAddress}}">{{localAddress .DebugAddress}}</a><br>{{end}}
Logfile: {{.Logfile}}<br>
Gopls Path: {{.GoplsPath}}<br>
{{/*Service: []protocol.Server; each server has map[uri]fileReports;
	each fileReport: map[diagnosticSoure]diagnosticReport
	diagnosticSource is one of 5 source
	diagnosticReport: snapshotID and map[hash]*source.Diagnostic
	sourceDiagnostic: struct {
		Range    protocol.Range
		Message  string
		Source   string
		Code     string
		CodeHref string
		Severity protocol.DiagnosticSeverity
		Tags     []protocol.DiagnosticTag

		Related []RelatedInformation
	RelatedInformation: struct {
		URI     span.URI
		Range   protocol.Range
		Message string
<ul>{{range $k, $v := .Service.Diagnostics}}<li>{{$k}}:<ol>{{range $v}}<li>{{.}}</li>{{end}}</ol></li>{{end}}</ul>
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var DebugTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}GoPls Debug pages{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
<a href="/debug/pprof">Profiling</a>
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var FileTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Overlay {{.FileIdentity.Hash}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
{{with .}}
	From: <b>{{template "sessionlink" .Session}}</b><br>
	URI: <b>{{.URI}}</b><br>
	Identifier: <b>{{.FileIdentity.Hash}}</b><br>
	Version: <b>{{.Version}}</b><br>
	Kind: <b>{{.Kind}}</b><br>
<pre>{{fcontent .Read}}</pre>
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var InfoTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}GoPls version information{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
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var MainTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}GoPls server information{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
<ul>{{range .State.Caches}}<li>{{template "cachelink" .ID}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<ul>{{range .State.Sessions}}<li>{{template "sessionlink" .ID}} from {{template "cachelink" .Cache.ID}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<ul>{{range .State.Views}}<li>{{.Name}} is {{template "viewlink" .ID}} from {{template "sessionlink" .Session.ID}} in {{.Folder}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<ul>{{range .State.Clients}}<li>{{template "clientlink" .Session.ID}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<ul>{{range .State.Servers}}<li>{{template "serverlink" .ID}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<h2>Known bugs encountered</h2>
<dl>{{range .State.Bugs}}<dt>{{.Description}}</dt><dd>{{.Event}}</dd>{{end}}</dl>
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var MemoryTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}GoPls memory usage{{end}}
{{define "head"}}<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="5">{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
<tr><td class="label">Allocated bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapAlloc}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Total allocated bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .TotalAlloc}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">System bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .Sys}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Heap system bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapSys}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Malloc calls</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .Mallocs}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Frees</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .Frees}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Idle heap bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapIdle}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">In use bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapInuse}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Released to system bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapReleased}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Heap object count</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .HeapObjects}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Stack in use bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .StackInuse}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Stack from system bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .StackSys}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Bucket hash bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .BuckHashSys}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">GC metadata bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .GCSys}}</td></tr>
<tr><td class="label">Off heap bytes</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .OtherSys}}</td></tr>
<h2>By size</h2>
{{range .BySize}}<tr><td class="value">{{fuint32 .Size}}</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .Mallocs}}</td><td class="value">{{fuint64 .Frees}}</td></tr>{{end}}
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var RPCTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}RPC Information{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
	{{template "rpcSection" .Inbound}}
	{{template "rpcSection" .Outbound}}
{{define "rpcSection"}}
	{{range .}}<P>
		<b>{{.Method}}</b> {{.Started}} <a href="/trace/{{.Method}}">traces</a> ({{.InProgress}} in progress)
		<i>Latency</i> {{with .Latency}}{{.Mean}} ({{.Min}}<{{.Max}}){{end}}
		<i>By bucket</i> 0s {{range .Latency.Values}}{{if gt .Count 0}}<b>{{.Count}}</b> {{.Limit}} {{end}}{{end}}
		<i>Received</i> {{.Received}} (avg. {{.ReceivedMean}})
		<i>Sent</i> {{.Sent}} (avg. {{.SentMean}})
		<i>Result codes</i> {{range .Codes}}{{.Key}}={{.Count}} {{end}}
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var ServerTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Server {{.ID}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
{{if .DebugAddress}}Debug this server at: <a href="http://{{localAddress .DebugAddress}}">{{localAddress .DebugAddress}}</a><br>{{end}}
Logfile: {{.Logfile}}<br>
Gopls Path: {{.GoplsPath}}<br>
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var SessionTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Session {{.ID}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
From: <b>{{template "cachelink" .Cache.ID}}</b><br>
<ul>{{range .Views}}<li>{{.Name}} is {{template "viewlink" .ID}} in {{.Folder}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
<ul>{{range .Overlays}}<li>{{template "filelink" .}}</li>{{end}}</ul>
{{range options .}}<p>{{.}}{{end}}
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var TraceTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}Trace Information{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
	{{range .Traces}}<a href="/trace/{{.Name}}">{{.Name}}</a> last: {{.Last.Duration}}, longest: {{.Longest.Duration}}<br>{{end}}
	{{if .Selected}}
		{{if .Selected.Last}}<H3>Last</H3><ul>{{template "details" .Selected.Last}}</ul>{{end}}
		{{if .Selected.Longest}}<H3>Longest</H3><ul>{{template "details" .Selected.Longest}}</ul>{{end}}
{{define "details"}}
	<li>{{.Offset}} {{.Name}} {{.Duration}} {{.Tags}}</li>
	{{if .Events}}<ul class=events>{{range .Events}}<li>{{.Offset}} {{.Tags}}</li>{{end}}</ul>{{end}}
	{{if .Children}}<ul>{{range .Children}}{{template "details" .}}{{end}}</ul>{{end}}
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var ViewTmpl = template.Must(template.Must(BaseTemplate.Clone()).Parse(`
{{define "title"}}View {{.ID}}{{end}}
{{define "body"}}
Name: <b>{{.Name}}</b><br>
Folder: <b>{{.Folder}}</b><br>
From: <b>{{template "sessionlink" .Session.ID}}</b><br>
<ul>{{range .Options.Env}}<li>{{.}}</li>{{end}}</ul>


func Bug

func Bug(ctx context.Context, desc, format string, args ...interface{})

func PrintVersionInfo

func PrintVersionInfo(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer, verbose bool, mode PrintMode)

PrintVersionInfo writes version information to w, using the output format specified by mode. verbose controls whether additional information is written, including section headers.

func StdTrace

func StdTrace(exporter event.Exporter) event.Exporter

func WithInstance

func WithInstance(ctx context.Context, workdir, agent string) context.Context

WithInstance creates debug instance ready for use using the supplied configuration and stores it in the returned context.


type Client

type Client struct {
	Session      *cache.Session
	DebugAddress string
	Logfile      string
	GoplsPath    string
	ServerID     string
	Service      protocol.Server

A Client is an incoming connection from a remote client.

type Instance

type Instance struct {
	Logfile       string
	StartTime     time.Time
	ServerAddress string
	Workdir       string
	OCAgentConfig string

	LogWriter io.Writer

	State *State
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

An Instance holds all debug information associated with a gopls instance.

func GetInstance

func GetInstance(ctx context.Context) *Instance

func (*Instance) AddService

func (i *Instance) AddService(s protocol.Server, session *cache.Session)

func (*Instance) DebugAddress

func (i *Instance) DebugAddress() string

func (*Instance) ListenedDebugAddress

func (i *Instance) ListenedDebugAddress() string

func (*Instance) MonitorMemory

func (i *Instance) MonitorMemory(ctx context.Context)

MonitorMemory starts recording memory statistics each second.

func (*Instance) PrintServerInfo

func (i *Instance) PrintServerInfo(ctx context.Context, w io.Writer)

PrintServerInfo writes HTML debug info to w for the Instance.

func (*Instance) Serve

func (i *Instance) Serve(ctx context.Context, addr string) (string, error)

Serve starts and runs a debug server in the background on the given addr. It also logs the port the server starts on, to allow for :0 auto assigned ports.

func (*Instance) SetLogFile

func (i *Instance) SetLogFile(logfile string, isDaemon bool) (func(), error)

SetLogFile sets the logfile for use with this instance.

type Module

type Module struct {
	Replace *ModuleVersion `json:"replace,omitempty"`

type ModuleVersion

type ModuleVersion struct {
	Path    string `json:"path,omitempty"`
	Version string `json:"version,omitempty"`
	Sum     string `json:"sum,omitempty"`

type PrintMode

type PrintMode int

type Rpcs

type Rpcs struct {
	Inbound  []*rpcStats // stats for incoming lsp rpcs sorted by method name
	Outbound []*rpcStats // stats for outgoing lsp rpcs sorted by method name
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Rpcs) ProcessEvent

func (r *Rpcs) ProcessEvent(ctx context.Context, ev core.Event, lm label.Map) context.Context

type Server

type Server struct {
	ID           string
	DebugAddress string
	Logfile      string
	GoplsPath    string
	ClientID     string

A Server is an outgoing connection to a remote LSP server.

type ServerVersion

type ServerVersion struct {
	Deps []*Module `json:"deps,omitempty"`

ServerVersion is the format used by gopls to report its version to the client. This format is structured so that the client can parse it easily.

func VersionInfo

func VersionInfo() *ServerVersion

VersionInfo returns the build info for the gopls process. If it was not built in module mode, we return a GOPATH-specific message with the hardcoded version.

type State

type State struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

State holds debugging information related to the server state.

func (*State) Bugs

func (st *State) Bugs() []bug

func (*State) Cache

func (st *State) Cache(id string) *cache.Cache

Cache returns the Cache that matches the supplied id.

func (*State) Caches

func (st *State) Caches() []*cache.Cache

Caches returns the set of Cache objects currently being served.

func (*State) Client

func (st *State) Client(id string) *Client

Client returns the Client matching the supplied id.

func (*State) Clients

func (st *State) Clients() []*Client

Clients returns the set of Clients currently being served.

func (*State) Servers

func (st *State) Servers() []*Server

Servers returns the set of Servers the instance is currently connected to.

func (*State) Session

func (st *State) Session(id string) *cache.Session

Session returns the Session that matches the supplied id.

func (*State) Sessions

func (st *State) Sessions() []*cache.Session

Sessions returns the set of Session objects currently being served.

func (*State) View

func (st *State) View(id string) *cache.View

View returns the View that matches the supplied id.

func (*State) Views

func (st *State) Views() []*cache.View

Views returns the set of View objects currently being served.

type TraceResults

type TraceResults struct {
	Traces   []*traceSet
	Selected *traceSet


Path Synopsis
Package log provides helper methods for exporting log events to the internal/event package.
Package log provides helper methods for exporting log events to the internal/event package.
Package tag provides the labels used for telemetry throughout gopls.
Package tag provides the labels used for telemetry throughout gopls.