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package envconfig

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Published: Jan 24, 2017 | License: MIT | Module:


Package envconfig implements decoding of environment variables based on a user defined specification. A typical use is using environment variables for configuration settings.



const (
	DefaultListFormat = "" /* 282 byte string literal not displayed */

	DefaultTableFormat = "" /* 256 byte string literal not displayed */



var ErrInvalidSpecification = errors.New("specification must be a struct pointer")

ErrInvalidSpecification indicates that a specification is of the wrong type.

func MustProcess

func MustProcess(prefix string, spec interface{})

MustProcess is the same as Process but panics if an error occurs

func Process

func Process(prefix string, spec interface{}) error

Process populates the specified struct based on environment variables

func Usage

func Usage(prefix string, spec interface{}) error

Usage writes usage information to stderr using the default header and table format

func Usagef

func Usagef(prefix string, spec interface{}, out io.Writer, format string) error

Usagef writes usage information to the specified io.Writer using the specifed template specification

func Usaget

func Usaget(prefix string, spec interface{}, out io.Writer, tmpl *template.Template) error

Usaget writes usage information to the specified io.Writer using the specified template

type Decoder

type Decoder interface {
	Decode(value string) error

Decoder has the same semantics as Setter, but takes higher precedence. It is provided for historical compatibility.

type ParseError

type ParseError struct {
	KeyName   string
	FieldName string
	TypeName  string
	Value     string
	Err       error

A ParseError occurs when an environment variable cannot be converted to the type required by a struct field during assignment.

func (*ParseError) Error

func (e *ParseError) Error() string

type Setter

type Setter interface {
	Set(value string) error

Setter is implemented by types can self-deserialize values. Any type that implements flag.Value also implements Setter.

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