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const (
	Scheme = "xkms"

Scheme is the URL scheme xoem registers its URLOpener under on secrets.DefaultMux. See the package documentation and/or URLOpener for details.


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func Init

func Init(rawurl string) error

Init initializes a new xorm engine to conn str provided by rawurl

func Register

func Register(rawurl string, x *xorm.Engine) error

Register registers xorm engine x to conn str provided by rawurl

func RotateDaily

func RotateDaily() string

func RotateMonthly

func RotateMonthly() string

func RotateQuarterly

func RotateQuarterly() string


type Options

type Options struct {
	Table        string
	MasterKeyURL string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

type SecretKey

type SecretKey struct {
	ID  string             `xorm:"pk"`
	Key types.SecureString `xorm:"text"`

	CreatedUnix int64 `xorm:"INDEX created"`

type URLOpener

type URLOpener struct{}

URLOpener opens xorm URLs like "xorm://keyId?driver=postgres&ds=connection_string&table=table_name".

func (*URLOpener) OpenKeeperURL

func (o *URLOpener) OpenKeeperURL(ctx context.Context, u *url.URL) (*secrets.Keeper, error)

OpenKeeperURL opens Keeper URLs.

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