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func AtLeastAsImp

func AtLeastAsImp(base *semver.Version, x *semver.Version) bool

func Compare

func Compare(i, j string) bool

func CompareVersions

func CompareVersions(vi *semver.Version, vj *semver.Version) bool

func IsPrerelease

func IsPrerelease(v string) bool

func IsPublicRelease

func IsPublicRelease(v string) bool

func SortVersions

func SortVersions(versions []string, compare func(vi, vj string) bool) []string

func VersionToRune

func VersionToRune(v *semver.Version) rune


type SemverCollection

type SemverCollection []*semver.Version

    SemverCollection is a collection of Version instances and implements the sort interface. See the sort package for more details.

    func (SemverCollection) Len

    func (c SemverCollection) Len() int

      Len returns the length of a collection. The number of Version instances on the slice.

      func (SemverCollection) Less

      func (c SemverCollection) Less(i, j int) bool

        Less is needed for the sort interface to compare two Version objects on the slice. If checks if one is less than the other.

        func (SemverCollection) Swap

        func (c SemverCollection) Swap(i, j int)

          Swap is needed for the sort interface to replace the Version objects at two different positions in the slice.

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