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func Contains

func Contains(a []string, e string) bool

func DomainForm

func DomainForm(s string) string

Allowed char: [a-z0-9]([a-z0-9-]*[a-z0-9])? Makes it safe as a subdomain

func EqualSlice

func EqualSlice(a, b []string) bool

func Filter

func Filter(s []string, f func(string) bool) []string

func Fmt

func Fmt(s string) string

func IsBothAlphaNum

func IsBothAlphaNum(a string) bool

func IsEmpty

func IsEmpty(s *string) bool

func Join

func Join(a []*string, sep string) string

func PrefixFold

func PrefixFold(s, prefix string) bool

func Reverse

func Reverse(s string) string

Benchmark 19246 ns/op.

func VString

func VString(def string, args ...string) string

func Val

func Val(v string, def string) string


type Stripe

type Stripe struct {
	Result string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Striplines wraps an output stream, stripping runs of consecutive empty lines. You must call Flush before the output stream will be complete. Implements io.WriteCloser, Writer, Closer.

func (*Stripe) Close

func (w *Stripe) Close() error

Close flushes the last of the output into the underlying writer.

func (*Stripe) Write

func (w *Stripe) Write(p string) (int, error)

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