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Published: Oct 19, 2018 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:
Path Synopsis
blas Package blas provides interfaces for the BLAS linear algebra standard.
blas/blas32 Package blas32 provides a simple interface to the float32 BLAS API.
blas/blas64 Package blas64 provides a simple interface to the float64 BLAS API.
blas/cblas128 Package cblas128 provides a simple interface to the complex128 BLAS API.
blas/cblas64 Package cblas64 provides a simple interface to the complex64 BLAS API.
blas/gonum Package gonum is a Go implementation of the BLAS API.
blas/testblas Package testblas provides tests for blas implementations.
blas/testblas/benchautogen Script for automatic code generation of the benchmark routines.
diff/fd Package fd provides functions to approximate derivatives using finite differences.
floats Package floats provides a set of helper routines for dealing with slices of float64.
fourier Package fourier provides functions to perform Discrete Fourier Transforms.
fourier/internal/fftpack Package fftpack implements Discrete Fourier Transform functions ported from the Fortran implementation of FFTPACK.
graph Package graph defines graph interfaces.
graph/community Package community provides graph community detection functions.
graph/encoding Package encoding provides a common graph encoding API.
graph/encoding/dot Package dot implements GraphViz DOT marshaling and unmarshaling of graphs.
graph/encoding/graphql Package graphql implements JSON marshaling and unmarshaling of graph as used by GraphQL
graph/formats/cytoscapejs Package cytoscapejs implements marshaling and unmarshaling of Cytoscape.js JSON documents.
graph/formats/dot Package dot implements a parser for Graphviz DOT files.
graph/formats/dot/ast Package ast declares the types used to represent abstract syntax trees of Graphviz DOT graphs.
graph/formats/dot/internal/astx Package astx implements utility functions for generating abstract syntax trees of Graphviz DOT graphs.
graph/formats/dot/internal/errors Package error provides generated internal error functions for DOT parsing.
graph/formats/dot/internal/lexer Package lexer provides generated internal lexer functions for DOT parsing.
graph/formats/dot/internal/parser Package parser provides generated internal parsing functions for DOT parsing.
graph/formats/dot/internal/token Package token provides generated internal tokenizing functions for DOT parsing.
graph/formats/dot/internal/util Package util provides generated internal utility functions for DOT parsing.
graph/formats/gexf12 Package gexf12 implements marshaling and unmarshaling of GEXF1.2 documents.
graph/formats/sigmajs Package sigmajs implements marshaling and unmarshaling of Sigma.js JSON documents.
graph/graphs/gen Package gen provides random graph generation functions.
graph/internal/linear Package linear provides common linear data structures.
graph/internal/ordered Package ordered provides common sort ordering types.
graph/internal/set Package set provides integer and graph.Node sets.
graph/internal/uid Package uid implements unique ID provision for graphs.
graph/iterator Package iterator provides node, edge and line iterators.
graph/multi Package multi provides a suite of multigraph implementations satisfying the gonum/graph interfaces.
graph/network Package network provides network analysis functions.
graph/path Package path provides graph path finding functions.
graph/path/dynamic Package dynamic provides incremental heuristic graph path finding functions.
graph/path/internal/testgraphs Package testsgraphs provides a number of graphs used for testing routines in the path and path/dynamic packages.
graph/simple Package simple provides a suite of simple graph implementations satisfying the gonum/graph interfaces.
graph/topo Package topo provides graph topology analysis functions.
graph/traverse Package traverse provides basic graph traversal primitives.
integrate Package integrate provides functions to compute an integral given a specific list of evaluations.
integrate/quad Package quad provides numerical evaluation of definite integrals of single-variable functions.
internal/asm/c128 Package c128 provides complex128 vector primitives.
internal/asm/c64 Package c64 provides complex64 vector primitives.
internal/asm/f32 Package f32 provides float32 vector primitives.
internal/asm/f64 Package f64 provides float64 vector primitives.
internal/cmplx64 Package cmplx64 provides complex64 versions of standard library math/cmplx package routines used by gonum/blas.
internal/math32 Package math32 provides float32 versions of standard library math package routines used by gonum/blas/native.
lapack Package lapack provides interfaces for the LAPACK linear algebra standard.
lapack/gonum Package gonum is a pure-go implementation of the LAPACK API.
lapack/lapack64 Package lapack64 provides a set of convenient wrapper functions for LAPACK calls, as specified in the netlib standard (
lapack/testlapack Package testlapack implements a set of testing routines for Lapack functions.
mat Package mat provides implementations of float64 and complex128 matrix structures and linear algebra operations on them.
mathext Package mathext implements special math functions not implemented by the Go standard library.
mathext/internal/amos Package amos implements functions originally in the Netlib code by Donald Amos.
mathext/internal/cephes Package cephes implements functions originally in the Netlib code by Stephen Mosher.
mathext/internal/gonum Package gonum contains functions implemented by the gonum team.
optimize Package optimize implements algorithms for finding the optimum value of functions.
optimize/convex/lp Package lp implements routines to solve linear programming problems.
optimize/functions Package functions provides objective functions for testing optimization algorithms.
stat Package stat provides generalized statistical functions.
stat/combin Package combin implements routines involving combinatorics (permutations, combinations, etc.).
stat/distmat Package distmat provides probability distributions over matrices.
stat/distmv Package distmv provides multivariate random distribution types.
stat/distuv Package distuv provides univariate random distribution types.
stat/mds Package mds provides multidimensional scaling functions.
stat/samplemv Package samplemv implements advanced sampling routines from explicit and implicit probability distributions.
stat/sampleuv Package sampleuv implements advanced sampling routines from explicit and implicit probability distributions.
stat/spatial Package spatial provides spatial statistical functions.
unit Package unit provides a set of types and constants that facilitate the use of the International System of Units (SI).