Package testrand provides random generation and flags for testing.



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type Rand

type Rand interface {
	ExpFloat64() float64
	Float32() float32
	Float64() float64
	Int() int
	Int31() int32
	Int31n(n int32) int32
	Int63() int64
	Int63n(n int64) int64
	Intn(n int) int
	NormFloat64() float64
	Perm(n int) []int
	Read(p []byte) (n int, err error)
	Seed(seed uint64)
	Shuffle(n int, swap func(i, j int))
	Uint32() uint32
	Uint64() uint64
	Uint64n(n uint64) uint64

Rand corresponds to

func New

func New(tb TB) Rand

New returns a new random number generator using the global flags.

type Source

type Source = rand.Source

Source corresponds to the interface in

func NewSource

func NewSource(tb TB) Source

NewSource returns a new source for random numbers.

type TB

type TB interface {
	Logf(format string, args ...interface{})

TB is an interface that corresponds to a subset of *testing.T and *testing.B.