Package text provides types and functions to parse, format and render text.



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    type Latex

    type Latex struct {
    	// DPI is the dot-per-inch controlling the font resolution used by LaTeX.
    	// If zero, the resolution defaults to 72.
    	DPI float64

      Latex parses, formats and renders LaTeX.

      func (Latex) Box

      func (hdlr Latex) Box(txt string, fnt vg.Font) (width, height, depth vg.Length)

        Box returns the bounding box of the given text where:

        - width is the horizontal space from the origin.
        - height is the vertical space above the baseline.
        - depth is the vertical space below the baseline, a negative number.

        func (Latex) Draw

        func (hdlr Latex) Draw(c *draw.Canvas, txt string, sty draw.TextStyle, pt vg.Point)

          Draw renders the given text with the provided style and position on the canvas.

          type Plain

          type Plain = draw.PlainTextHandler

            Plain is a text/plain handler.