Package content provides access to the Content API for Shopping.

For product documentation, see:

Creating a client

Usage example:

import ""
ctx := context.Background()
contentService, err := content.NewService(ctx)

In this example, Google Application Default Credentials are used for authentication.

For information on how to create and obtain Application Default Credentials, see

Other authentication options

To use an API key for authentication (note: some APIs do not support API keys), use option.WithAPIKey:

contentService, err := content.NewService(ctx, option.WithAPIKey("AIza..."))

To use an OAuth token (e.g., a user token obtained via a three-legged OAuth flow), use option.WithTokenSource:

config := &oauth2.Config{...}
// ...
token, err := config.Exchange(ctx, ...)
contentService, err := content.NewService(ctx, option.WithTokenSource(config.TokenSource(ctx, token)))

See for details on options.



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const (
	// Manage your product listings and accounts for Google Shopping
	ContentScope = ""

OAuth2 scopes used by this API.


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type APIService

type APIService struct {
	BasePath  string // API endpoint base URL
	UserAgent string // optional additional User-Agent fragment

	Accounts *AccountsService

	Accountstatuses *AccountstatusesService

	Accounttax *AccounttaxService

	Csses *CssesService

	Datafeeds *DatafeedsService

	Datafeedstatuses *DatafeedstatusesService

	Liasettings *LiasettingsService

	Localinventory *LocalinventoryService

	Orderinvoices *OrderinvoicesService

	Orderreports *OrderreportsService

	Orderreturns *OrderreturnsService

	Orders *OrdersService

	Ordertrackingsignals *OrdertrackingsignalsService

	Pos *PosService

	Products *ProductsService

	Productstatuses *ProductstatusesService

	Pubsubnotificationsettings *PubsubnotificationsettingsService

	Regionalinventory *RegionalinventoryService

	Regions *RegionsService

	Repricingrules *RepricingrulesService

	Returnaddress *ReturnaddressService

	Returnpolicy *ReturnpolicyService

	Settlementreports *SettlementreportsService

	Settlementtransactions *SettlementtransactionsService

	Shippingsettings *ShippingsettingsService // contains filtered or unexported fields


func New

func New(client *http.Client) (*APIService, error)

New creates a new APIService. It uses the provided http.Client for requests.

Deprecated: please use NewService instead. To provide a custom HTTP client, use option.WithHTTPClient. If you are using, use option.WithAPIKey with NewService instead.

func NewService

func NewService(ctx context.Context, opts ...option.ClientOption) (*APIService, error)

NewService creates a new APIService.

type Account

type Account struct {
	// AdsLinks: List of linked Ads accounts that are active or pending
	// approval. T