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Published: Jul 30, 2020 | License: Apache-2.0 | Module:


Package internal contains functions/structs shared by xds balancers/resolvers.



const XDSClientID = clientID("xdsClientID")

XDSClientID is the attributes key used to pass the address of the xdsClient object shared between the resolver and the balancer. The xdsClient object is created by the resolver and passed to the balancer.

type LocalityID

type LocalityID struct {
	Region  string
	Zone    string
	SubZone string

LocalityID is xds.Locality without XXX fields, so it can be used as map keys.

xds.Locality cannot be map keys because one of the XXX fields is a slice.

This struct should only be used as map keys. Use the proto message directly in all other places.

func (LocalityID) String

func (l LocalityID) String() string

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