Package grpcutil provides a bunch of utility functions to be used across the gRPC codebase.



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    func ContentSubtype

    func ContentSubtype(contentType string) (string, bool)

      ContentSubtype returns the content-subtype for the given content-type. The given content-type must be a valid content-type that starts with "application/grpc". A content-subtype will follow "application/grpc" after a "+" or ";". See for more details.

      If contentType is not a valid content-type for gRPC, the boolean will be false, otherwise true. If content-type == "application/grpc", "application/grpc+", or "application/grpc;", the boolean will be true, but no content-subtype will be returned.

      contentType is assumed to be lowercase already.

      func ContentType

      func ContentType(contentSubtype string) string

        ContentType builds full content type with the given sub-type.

        contentSubtype is assumed to be lowercase

        func EncodeDuration

        func EncodeDuration(t time.Duration) string

          EncodeDuration encodes the duration to the format grpc-timeout header accepts.

          func ExtraMetadata

          func ExtraMetadata(ctx context.Context) (md metadata.MD, ok bool)

            ExtraMetadata returns the incoming metadata in ctx if it exists. The returned MD should not be modified. Writing to it may cause races. Modification should be made to copies of the returned MD.

            func ParseMethod

            func ParseMethod(methodName string) (service, method string, _ error)

              ParseMethod splits service and method from the input. It expects format "/service/method".

              func ParseTarget

              func ParseTarget(target string, skipUnixColonParsing bool) (ret resolver.Target)

                ParseTarget splits target into a resolver.Target struct containing scheme, authority and endpoint. skipUnixColonParsing indicates that the parse should not parse "unix:[path]" cases. This should be true in cases where a custom dialer is present, to prevent a behavior change.

                If target is not a valid scheme://authority/endpoint as specified in, it returns {Endpoint: target}.

                func WithExtraMetadata

                func WithExtraMetadata(ctx context.Context, md metadata.MD) context.Context

                  WithExtraMetadata creates a new context with incoming md attached.


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