Package protolegacy is a stub version of the v1 proto package to satisfy internal/testprotos/legacy dependencies.



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const (
	ProtoPackageIsVersion1 = true
	ProtoPackageIsVersion2 = true
	ProtoPackageIsVersion3 = true
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const (
	WireVarint     = 0
	WireFixed32    = 5
	WireFixed64    = 1
	WireBytes      = 2
	WireStartGroup = 3
	WireEndGroup   = 4


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var ErrInternalBadWireType = errors.New("not implemented")


func CompactTextString

func CompactTextString(Message) string

func DecodeVarint

func DecodeVarint([]byte) (uint64, int)

func EncodeVarint

func EncodeVarint(uint64) []byte

func EnumName

func EnumName(map[int32]string, int32) string

func Marshal

func Marshal(Message) ([]byte, error)

func RegisterEnum

func RegisterEnum(string, map[int32]string, map[string]int32)

func RegisterExtension

func RegisterExtension(d *ExtensionDesc)

func RegisterFile

func RegisterFile(s string, d []byte)

func RegisterMapType

func RegisterMapType(interface{}, string)

func RegisterType

func RegisterType(m Message, s string)

func Size

func Size(Message) int

func SizeVarint

func SizeVarint(uint64) int

func Unmarshal

func Unmarshal([]byte, Message) error

func UnmarshalJSONEnum

func UnmarshalJSONEnum(map[string]int32, []byte, string) (int32, error)


type Buffer

type Buffer struct{}

func (*Buffer) DecodeFixed32

func (*Buffer) DecodeFixed32() (uint64, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeFixed64

func (*Buffer) DecodeFixed64() (uint64, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeGroup

func (*Buffer) DecodeGroup(Message) error

func (*Buffer) DecodeMessage

func (*Buffer) DecodeMessage(Message) error

func (*Buffer) DecodeRawBytes

func (*Buffer) DecodeRawBytes(bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeStringBytes

func (*Buffer) DecodeStringBytes() (string, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeVarint

func (*Buffer) DecodeVarint() (uint64, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeZigzag32

func (*Buffer) DecodeZigzag32() (uint64, error)

func (*Buffer) DecodeZigzag64

func (*Buffer) DecodeZigzag64() (uint64, error)

func (*Buffer) EncodeFixed32

func (*Buffer) EncodeFixed32(uint64) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeFixed64

func (*Buffer) EncodeFixed64(uint64) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeMessage

func (*Buffer) EncodeMessage(Message) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeRawBytes

func (*Buffer) EncodeRawBytes([]byte) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeStringBytes

func (*Buffer) EncodeStringBytes(string) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeVarint

func (*Buffer) EncodeVarint(uint64) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeZigzag32

func (*Buffer) EncodeZigzag32(uint64) error

func (*Buffer) EncodeZigzag64

func (*Buffer) EncodeZigzag64(uint64) error

func (*Buffer) Marshal

func (*Buffer) Marshal(Message) error

func (*Buffer) Unmarshal

func (*Buffer) Unmarshal(Message) error

type Extension

type Extension = protoimpl.ExtensionFieldV1

type ExtensionDesc

type ExtensionDesc = protoimpl.ExtensionInfo

type ExtensionRange

type ExtensionRange = protoiface.ExtensionRangeV1

type InternalMessageInfo

type InternalMessageInfo struct{}

func (*InternalMessageInfo) DiscardUnknown

func (*InternalMessageInfo) DiscardUnknown(Message)

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Marshal

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Marshal([]byte, Message, bool) ([]byte, error)

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Merge

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Size

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Unmarshal

func (*InternalMessageInfo) Unmarshal(Message, []byte) error

type Message

type Message = protoiface.MessageV1

type XXX_InternalExtensions

type XXX_InternalExtensions = protoimpl.ExtensionFields

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