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Published: Jun 22, 2020 | License: BSD-3-Clause | Module:



var E_ExtensionEnum = &proto.ExtensionDesc{
	ExtendedType:  (*descriptor.MethodOptions)(nil),
	ExtensionType: (*Enum)(nil),
	Field:         5000,
	Name:          "goproto.proto.legacy.extension_enum",
	Tag:           "varint,5000,opt,name=extension_enum,enum=goproto.proto.legacy.Enum",
	Filename:      "internal/testprotos/legacy/bug1052/bug1052.proto",
var Enum_name = map[int32]string{
	0: "ZERO",
var Enum_value = map[string]int32{
	"ZERO": 0,

type Enum

type Enum int32
const (
	Enum_ZERO Enum = 0

func (Enum) Enum

func (x Enum) Enum() *Enum

func (Enum) EnumDescriptor

func (Enum) EnumDescriptor() ([]byte, []int)

func (Enum) String

func (x Enum) String() string

func (*Enum) UnmarshalJSON

func (x *Enum) UnmarshalJSON(data []byte) error

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