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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type AccessToken

type AccessToken = original.AccessToken

type AcrErrorInfo

type AcrErrorInfo = original.AcrErrorInfo

type AcrErrors

type AcrErrors = original.AcrErrors

type AcrManifestAttributes

type AcrManifestAttributes = original.AcrManifestAttributes

type AcrManifestAttributesBase

type AcrManifestAttributesBase = original.AcrManifestAttributesBase

type AcrManifests

type AcrManifests = original.AcrManifests

type AcrRepositoryTags

type AcrRepositoryTags = original.AcrRepositoryTags

type AcrTagAttributes

type AcrTagAttributes = original.AcrTagAttributes

type AcrTagAttributesBase

type AcrTagAttributesBase = original.AcrTagAttributesBase

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(loginURI string) BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(loginURI string) BaseClient

type ChangeableAttributes

type ChangeableAttributes = original.ChangeableAttributes

type DeletedRepository

type DeletedRepository = original.DeletedRepository

type FsLayer

type FsLayer = original.FsLayer

type History

type History = original.History

type ImageSignature

type ImageSignature = original.ImageSignature

type JWK

type JWK = original.JWK

type JWKHeader

type JWKHeader = original.JWKHeader

type Manifest

type Manifest = original.Manifest

type ManifestAttributesManifest

type ManifestAttributesManifest = original.ManifestAttributesManifest

type ManifestChangeableAttributes

type ManifestChangeableAttributes = original.ManifestChangeableAttributes

type RefreshToken

type RefreshToken = original.RefreshToken

type Repositories

type Repositories = original.Repositories

type RepositoryAttributes

type RepositoryAttributes = original.RepositoryAttributes

type RepositoryTags

type RepositoryTags = original.RepositoryTags

type SetObject

type SetObject = original.SetObject

type TagAttributes

type TagAttributes = original.TagAttributes

type TagAttributesTag

type TagAttributesTag = original.TagAttributesTag

type V2Descriptor

type V2Descriptor = original.V2Descriptor

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