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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type AdultInfo

type AdultInfo = original.AdultInfo

type AreaOfInterestResult

type AreaOfInterestResult = original.AreaOfInterestResult

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(endpoint string) BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(endpoint string) BaseClient

type BoundingRect

type BoundingRect = original.BoundingRect

type Category

type Category = original.Category

type CategoryDetail

type CategoryDetail = original.CategoryDetail

type CelebritiesModel

type CelebritiesModel = original.CelebritiesModel

type CelebrityResults

type CelebrityResults = original.CelebrityResults

type ColorInfo

type ColorInfo = original.ColorInfo

type DescriptionExclude

type DescriptionExclude = original.DescriptionExclude

func PossibleDescriptionExcludeValues

func PossibleDescriptionExcludeValues() []DescriptionExclude

type Details

type Details = original.Details
const (
	DetailsCelebrities Details = original.DetailsCelebrities
	DetailsLandmarks   Details = original.DetailsLandmarks

func PossibleDetailsValues

func PossibleDetailsValues() []Details

type DetectResult

type DetectResult = original.DetectResult

type DetectedBrand

type DetectedBrand = original.DetectedBrand

type DetectedObject

type DetectedObject = original.DetectedObject

type DomainModelResults

type DomainModelResults = original.DomainModelResults

type Error

type Error = original.Error

type FaceDescription

type FaceDescription = original.FaceDescription

type FaceRectangle

type FaceRectangle = original.FaceRectangle

type Gender

type Gender = original.Gender
const (
	Female Gender = original.Female
	Male   Gender = original.Male

func PossibleGenderValues

func PossibleGenderValues() []Gender

type ImageAnalysis

type ImageAnalysis = original.ImageAnalysis

type ImageCaption

type ImageCaption = original.ImageCaption

type ImageDescription

type ImageDescription = original.ImageDescription

type ImageDescriptionDetails

type ImageDescriptionDetails = original.ImageDescriptionDetails

type ImageMetadata

type ImageMetadata = original.ImageMetadata

type ImageTag

type ImageTag = original.ImageTag

type ImageType

type ImageType = original.ImageType

type ImageURL

type ImageURL = original.ImageURL

type LandmarkResults

type LandmarkResults = original.LandmarkResults

type LandmarksModel

type LandmarksModel = original.LandmarksModel

type Line

type Line = original.Line

type ListModelsResult

type ListModelsResult = original.ListModelsResult

type ModelDescription

type ModelDescription = original.ModelDescription

type ObjectHierarchy

type ObjectHierarchy = original.ObjectHierarchy

type OcrLine

type OcrLine = original.OcrLine

type OcrRegion

type OcrRegion = original.OcrRegion

type OcrResult

type OcrResult = original.OcrResult

type OcrWord

type OcrWord = original.OcrWord

type ReadCloser

type ReadCloser = original.ReadCloser

type ReadOperationResult

type ReadOperationResult = original.ReadOperationResult

type TagResult

type TagResult = original.TagResult

type TextOperationResult

type TextOperationResult = original.TextOperationResult

type TextRecognitionMode

type TextRecognitionMode = original.TextRecognitionMode

func PossibleTextRecognitionModeValues

func PossibleTextRecognitionModeValues() []TextRecognitionMode

type TextRecognitionResult

type TextRecognitionResult = original.TextRecognitionResult

type VisualFeatureTypes

type VisualFeatureTypes = original.VisualFeatureTypes

func PossibleVisualFeatureTypesValues

func PossibleVisualFeatureTypesValues() []VisualFeatureTypes

type Word

type Word = original.Word

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