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Published: Apr 28, 2022 License: Apache-2.0, BSD-3-Clause, Apache-2.0 Imports: 8 Imported by: 0



Package log provides logging utilities for the tracer.



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func Debug

func Debug(fmt string, a ...interface{})

Debug prints the given message if the level is LevelDebug.

func DebugEnabled added in v1.37.0

func DebugEnabled() bool

DebugEnabled returns true if debug log messages are enabled. This can be used in extremely hot code paths to avoid allocating the ...interface{} argument.

func Error

func Error(format string, a ...interface{})

Error reports an error. Errors get aggregated and logged periodically. The default is once per minute or once every DD_LOGGING_RATE number of seconds.

func Flush

func Flush()

Flush flushes and resets all aggregated errors to the logger.

func Info added in v1.26.0

func Info(fmt string, a ...interface{})

Info prints an informational message.

func SetLevel

func SetLevel(lvl Level)

SetLevel sets the given lvl for logging.

func UseLogger

func UseLogger(l ddtrace.Logger) (undo func())

UseLogger sets l as the active logger and returns a function to restore the previous logger. The return value is mostly useful when testing.

func Warn

func Warn(fmt string, a ...interface{})

Warn prints a warning message.


type DiscardLogger added in v1.31.1

type DiscardLogger struct{}

DiscardLogger discards every call to Log().

func (DiscardLogger) Log added in v1.31.1

func (d DiscardLogger) Log(msg string)

Log implements ddtrace.Logger.

type Level

type Level int

Level specifies the logging level that the log package prints at.

const (
	// LevelDebug represents debug level messages.
	LevelDebug Level = iota
	// LevelWarn represents warning and errors.

type RecordLogger added in v1.31.1

type RecordLogger struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

RecordLogger records every call to Log() and makes it available via Logs().

func (*RecordLogger) Log added in v1.31.1

func (r *RecordLogger) Log(msg string)

Log implements ddtrace.Logger.

func (*RecordLogger) Logs added in v1.31.1

func (r *RecordLogger) Logs() []string

Logs returns the ordered list of logs recorded by the logger.

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