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func UserAgent

func UserAgent() string

func Version

func Version() string


type AlternatePatternItem

type AlternatePatternItem = original.AlternatePatternItem

type AnalysisRequest

type AnalysisRequest = original.AnalysisRequest

type AnalysisResponse

type AnalysisResponse = original.AnalysisResponse

type Application

type Application = original.Application

func PossibleApplicationValues

func PossibleApplicationValues() []Application

type BaseClient

type BaseClient = original.BaseClient

func New

func New(endpoint string) BaseClient

func NewWithoutDefaults

func NewWithoutDefaults(endpoint string) BaseClient

type Category

type Category = original.Category

func PossibleCategoryValues

func PossibleCategoryValues() []Category

type Class

type Class = original.Class
const (
	ClassContainer Class = original.ClassContainer
	ClassLeaf      Class = original.ClassLeaf

func PossibleClassValues

func PossibleClassValues() []Class

type Client

type Client = original.Client

func NewClient

func NewClient(endpoint string) Client

type Container

type Container = original.Container
const (
	ContainerLine          Container = original.ContainerLine
	ContainerParagraph     Container = original.ContainerParagraph
	ContainerRoot          Container = original.ContainerRoot
	ContainerWritingRegion Container = original.ContainerWritingRegion

func PossibleContainerValues

func PossibleContainerValues() []Container

type DrawingAttributesPattern

type DrawingAttributesPattern = original.DrawingAttributesPattern

type DrawingAttributesPatternColor

type DrawingAttributesPatternColor = original.DrawingAttributesPatternColor

type ErrorModel

type ErrorModel = original.ErrorModel

type ErrorModelDetailsItem

type ErrorModelDetailsItem = original.ErrorModelDetailsItem

type InkPoint

type InkPoint = original.InkPoint

type InkPointValueAttribute

type InkPointValueAttribute = original.InkPointValueAttribute

type InputDevice

type InputDevice = original.InputDevice

func PossibleInputDeviceValues

func PossibleInputDeviceValues() []InputDevice

type Kind

type Kind = original.Kind
const (
	KindInkDrawing Kind = original.KindInkDrawing
	KindInkWriting Kind = original.KindInkWriting

func PossibleKindValues

func PossibleKindValues() []Kind

type Leaf

type Leaf = original.Leaf
const (
	LeafInkBullet  Leaf = original.LeafInkBullet
	LeafInkDrawing Leaf = original.LeafInkDrawing
	LeafInkWord    Leaf = original.LeafInkWord
	LeafUnknown    Leaf = original.LeafUnknown

func PossibleLeafValues

func PossibleLeafValues() []Leaf

type PointDetailsPattern

type PointDetailsPattern = original.PointDetailsPattern

type RasterOp

type RasterOp = original.RasterOp
const (
	CopyPen     RasterOp = original.CopyPen
	MaskPen     RasterOp = original.MaskPen
	NoOperation RasterOp = original.NoOperation

func PossibleRasterOpValues

func PossibleRasterOpValues() []RasterOp

type RecognitionUnitItem

type RecognitionUnitItem = original.RecognitionUnitItem

type Shape

type Shape = original.Shape
const (
	ShapeBlockArrow          Shape = original.ShapeBlockArrow
	ShapeCircle              Shape = original.ShapeCircle
	ShapeCloud               Shape = original.ShapeCloud
	ShapeCurve               Shape = original.ShapeCurve
	ShapeDiamond             Shape = original.ShapeDiamond
	ShapeDrawing             Shape = original.ShapeDrawing
	ShapeEllipse             Shape = original.ShapeEllipse
	ShapeEquilateralTriangle Shape = original.ShapeEquilateralTriangle
	ShapeHeart               Shape = original.ShapeHeart
	ShapeHexagon             Shape = original.ShapeHexagon
	ShapeIsoscelesTriangle   Shape = original.ShapeIsoscelesTriangle
	ShapeLine                Shape = original.ShapeLine
	ShapeParallelogram       Shape = original.ShapeParallelogram
	ShapePentagon            Shape = original.ShapePentagon
	ShapePolyLine            Shape = original.ShapePolyLine
	ShapeQuadrilateral       Shape = original.ShapeQuadrilateral
	ShapeRectangle           Shape = original.ShapeRectangle
	ShapeRightTriangle       Shape = original.ShapeRightTriangle
	ShapeSquare              Shape = original.ShapeSquare
	ShapeStarCrossed         Shape = original.ShapeStarCrossed
	ShapeStarSimple          Shape = original.ShapeStarSimple
	ShapeTrapezoid           Shape = original.ShapeTrapezoid
	ShapeTriangle            Shape = original.ShapeTriangle

func PossibleShapeValues

func PossibleShapeValues() []Shape

type Stroke

type Stroke = original.Stroke

type Tip

type Tip = original.Tip
const (
	Ellipse   Tip = original.Ellipse
	Rectangle Tip = original.Rectangle

func PossibleTipValues

func PossibleTipValues() []Tip

type Unit

type Unit = original.Unit
const (
	Cm Unit = original.Cm
	In Unit = original.In
	Mm Unit = original.Mm

func PossibleUnitValues

func PossibleUnitValues() []Unit

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